Korat – Gateway to Isaan


Korat is often referred to as the gate of Isaan, it is the northeastern region of Thailand. Korat is also known as Nakhon Ratchasima and is the second largest city of the state. If you are traveling to Thailand and want to see more of Thailand, then just its beaches and nightlife, you should definitely consider visiting Korat, which is located about 300 kilometers from Bangkok.

There are many interesting activities and attractions for tourists in and around Korat, including the impressive Khmer Khmer complex on Phi Mai or the famous Yamo statue located in the center of Korat. Korat is a modern city with many great western restaurants like Chez Andy, Dr. Pizza and Amporn Steak House. There is also a wide selection of great hotels in Korat, with the best being Dusit Princess and Sima Thani. If you enjoy shopping then you will surely enjoy your Korat stay.

The mall is a large contemporary American-style mall in Korat with hundreds of shops, cinemas and a large selection of food and beverage outlets. There are also many well-known department stores and major retailers such as Macro, Big C and Lotus Tesco. If you want to do some cheap hunting then head to the Korat Night Bazaar or Save One Market. Although Korat has an airport, there are currently no scheduled flights to this airport.

As Korat is located in close proximity to Bangkok, many travelers prefer to take a one-way bus that costs about $ 6. Another option would be to rent a car in Bangkok and drive to Korat. There are many beautiful places to stop, including a large lake about 30 kilometers before entering Korat.