Symbolic Imagery As a Gateway to Astral Projection – A Must Read For Struggling Beginners


Symbol and number are some of the most influential images when it comes to messaging and communication. A symbol means more things and a number can indicate the amount and what that amount refers to. Both are great tools for achieving Astral Projection.

Keeping an image in mind is a mental practice that you may need to achieve Astral Projection. One way I always explain Astral straight is through the mental visions of the people & # 39; um. If you can focus your vision and keep it there for a very long time, then you're on your way. All you need is a desire and methods to apply that desire.

Symbols stimulate and convey emotion, information, understanding, subconscious meanings and more. They are art and science combined. Symbols are so powerful in the world we live in and most people have no idea how powerful they are. The symbols are alive. They have many meanings and convey these meanings effortlessly. They are portals of what they contain: Information.

They are ancient and important to the whole world. Words and letters are symbols, numbers are symbols, in fact it would be a difficult task to find any restrictions you might put on symbols. We will now apply the symbols to Astral Projection. What to do:

Choose a spiritual culture to identify with. Then find a list or a compiled collection of all the spiritual symbols associated with them. My favorites are Egyptian, Irish and Druidic symbols. Choose the one you are personally connected to and connected to. This will help you to achieve a deep identity with the required symbol.

The faster you can reconcile the fact that the symbols are alive, the faster you will be able to put them to a higher purpose than you already do. I suggest you first select a symbol that is very attractive to you and study it as closely as you can. Note the history of this symbol. Where it originated if possible. Learn all the meanings you can and understand that symbols may have hidden meanings or deeper meanings than what is clear on the surface.

Recreate the symbol on paper. Let it be in black and white for this entire process. Practice on paper until you put it down. Use all the tools you can manage, compass, and whatever. Be careful when creating symbols. Once you put it down, play it carefully on a mid-size white card. This is the one you will use to enter the Astral Plane.

Always keep this symbol fresh in your mind and personalize every emotional response it shows. Be sure to remember the image in your head without any effort. Look at it for 15-20 minutes just before going to bed. This will incorporate it into your subconscious self.

Then make or buy another card of the same shape and size, just leave it blank. Then prepare everything you normally do before attempting Astral Projection. Keep both cards with you, in front of your eyes. They should be side by side. Once you reach the desired state of relaxed, semi-conscious state of mind in a trance, look through your symbol.

Basically, look at it like you see it for the first time ever. This is known as kneading and is very difficult to explain. Try to look at it and see what it means to you, appear visually in it. Keep for a few minutes or until you notice a change. In many cases, it will just blur around the edges and become fluid. Once you reach this point, transfer your view to a blank card.

It should appear there, but in a slightly different aspect. It will be the other way around. The symbol will be the color of the card and the symbol of the card. It can also work. This is an introduction to the astral world. It is the etheric body of the symbol. Once you become comfortable enough to see it and remain in control and in that state, your consciousness will pass into the personal meaning of your symbol.

Mentally your soul will enter into the essence of your symbol. Then imagine the symbol growing around you and let it take its momentum. Once the momentum reaches its peak when it begins to recede you will move to the Astral Level. This will be a very successful kind of Projection.

It will be of the nature of your symbol. So just become aware of your surroundings and record your senses. Just study and come back first. Don't go running around researching. You will need to practice to learn and understand the laws of this place. Always come back the exact opposite way you came. Just do or experience everything the other way around.

What matters is the return journey you came from. Just turn everything around and feel yourself again within your own body. Become aware of your body. Then record all your experience with as much detail as possible. The more you invest in it, the more you will get out of it. Astral projection is a very serious business and you should take it seriously.