Try Adventure Rock climbing in Arizona: a hike to the top of the Browns, desert Four Peaks

With an average daily temperature of 110 degrees plus here in Phoenix every day, until the end of August the summer begins to be felt for a long time and extremely hot! I have been asked many times, how do you deal with the heat? Or popular, why would anyone want to live here, if you so hot? I usually answer, “Well, at least you do not have to shovel the heat!” Indeed, even in the middle of August here in Phoenix, you can go outside and warm at all times, because here in Arizona, it’s so wonderful diverse that you will be surprised when you discover if you love the street, as I do that there is always something new, fun and adventure, to see, to study here at any time of the year! In Arizona, a huge desert landscape, vertical canyons and bitter mountain ranges and peaks, there are many beautiful places to go out on trips, but also offers a lot of interesting places to go and experience the adventure of mountaineering! For a cool break from the summer heat and very scenic hike average, only a short distance from the Phoenix area, with the possibility also to experience an exciting and thrilling rock climbing and round dance adventure, then you definitely want to check out the way the Browns Peak and apex at the top, the desert four tops Phoenix, Arizona.
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Having lived in Arizona for over 20 years, I have always heard about the top four and the top four desert, but there had never been. So when I saw that hiking group TLC, which was led and organized by Eric Kineman, planned to hike and get to the top of Brown’s Peak, in the desert four peaks to the east of the Phoenix, I thought, wow, that going to be a really nice and pleasant campaign! However, for the top, I was not exactly sure about this part.
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But I would subscribe to the campaign and a beautiful Saturday morning in late August, I met with Eric Kinnemanam and a group of campaigns to TLC Casino Fort McDowell, and to 6.30am we packed our small group and were on the road on our way Four peaks in the desert. Of Fountain Hills and the Fort McDowell Casino we hung left onto Route 87, also known as the Beeline Highway, heading east until you reach number 203. At mile marker 203 miles, but before mile marker 204, the right of the sign for the top four, we turned right onto a forest road 143.
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18 kilometers of all expelled from FR 143 mud was absolutely spectacular! Wow, gorgeous scenery and mountain views for miles and miles around you slowly padymaetsesya and inflated way with a height of about 2000 feet from the floor of the desert, up to 5700 feet as soon as you reach the base of the trail. I believed that describe road conditions FR 143, which I read in the references and resources provided for the campaign to be very accurate. It is traversed by the way, but sometimes it is somewhat uneven. Overall, I thought it was not very bad, but I will certainly back up their recommendations, although either have a 2-car truck or 4-cotton car to safely make this drive.
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About an hour “off road” we reached the landmark nature of the Four Peaks Wilderness, where we made a pit stop and relish the opportunity to get out and stretch his legs for a few minutes. Before 7:45 am, we met again and were ready to move on. After reaching the ridge in a short way down the road, we hung a very sharp turn to the right hand at the sign for the lone pine trail and FR 648. From there it was just a mile or so, maybe less than that, we have finally reached a large area parking and a lonely pine trails, 5,700 feet in height, and the starting point of today’s hiking adventure.
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By 8:15 am, and all willingly profit and ready to go, Eric quickly began his march, going to Brown Peak Way, number 133, and each of us quickly followed him. The temperature was absolutely perfect, low 80 ° C, with a light breeze to keep cool when we made our way through the magnificent pine trees and forest trees.
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We continued to the origin of its straight forward at Brown peak-track, which quickly merges and becomes amethyst path, trying to keep up with Eric and stay together as a group. Views from all sides were absolutely spectacular, and I could not help but stopped making as many pictures as I could from all the spectacular scenery! From the edge of the trail, looking east, you see a beautiful lake at the bottom of Roosevelt. Gorgeous! Then little ways further up the trail, looking to the west, you will see a breathtaking view of the mountains of prejudice in the south-west and north-west, on the southern mountains and mountains Mazatal McDowell, as well as the entire area of ​​Phoenix !. Absolutely beautiful! The higher you, the more spectacular species. Amazing!
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Two miles and a height of about 1,000 feet, we reached a part called a saddle or base-Brown Peak is now the height of about 6,700 feet, along with my good friend Dan and other comrades TLC campaign named Pam. Here you can independently decide to stop, or try to push, but if you choose to continue, going half a mile away to the top of the take-off becomes a Class 4 and is rated as very difficult.
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I took one look down, and then looked directly at the talus and said: “No way, I am very afraid of heights and falling, and had no previous experience of climbing, I thought it better that I stop there.” . But Eric, as the rest of the group, click the first “scree” (vertical slope consisting of loose stones and boulders, forming gullies or “trough” as it is called, and the way in which it will be possible to get to the top you need to ), then to an even greater head “shower”, which jumped on the ridge, he said.
Then, without signs of traces of traces, they have risen the last 75-100 feet, and about that time, until they reached the top of Brown’s Peak and altitude 7657 feet and the highest heights in the whole area of ​​Phoenix. Wow! And 360 species there, at the top, absolutely spectacular!
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But the adventure did not stop there, and now it’s time to rise and adventure ago. After half an hour of rest, fascinated by the view and the cool temperature at the top, they decided to go back again and started to make the descent. Meanwhile, back at “base camp”, I, along with my friend Dan, another campaign TLC, rested, took pictures and enjoyed the incredible species, while we waited for all of them come down, “Strait”, at least, we thought.
However, they decided not to try to “debris” back to the time when we finally hear their voices again, they headed east. We looked up and first saw Eric, then one by one we saw them jump from a cliff top in the field of 8-10 feet tall, bent oak trees and thick brush from the bottom, where they literally were “nailed to the trees,” this ” one barrel at a time, until they were safe did not return to the bottom.
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It was very fun to watch, because where we were, because all you saw were the trees that are entangled here and there, and this thick vegetation rustling and bend thus, and finally, we saw their heads start to jump! and look at their faces as hysterical! But, fortunately, all voluntarily adpustsilisya and after a quick photo in the group after 12pm we walked down to the lone pine garden, waiting to come the rest of the group. They began to adjust to each other, and the final participants We arrived at 12:45. But they told us what happened with dignity.
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Apparently, a large boulder was thwarted, that is a real danger skalalazhennya, and began to roll right in my way. Unfortunately, one man could not get out of the way fast enough, and he rolled over her hand and broke two fingers!
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All in all, it was another great hiking and adventure day trip, I found it very well researched, planned and organized by Eric Kinnemanam from a group of campaigns TLC. Although I never made it to the summit, it was still a great experience for me, because I’m really inspired right now to take a beginners course of rock climbing and might also join a local rock climbing.
gym also so I could learn some basic technical skills the next time. Climbing, as I said – a great way to overcome your fear of heights, and create a strong hand, which you did not know, and be able to get out and explore the many new places in this.
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strange Arizona. So for a cool break from the summer heat, which is a short distance from the Phoenix area, whether you are looking for a scenic, but the average level of the campaign, or if you are going to a big task and an exciting and thrilling adventure of rock climbing and terrible life, then you will definitely want to make sure that you read Brown’s Peak trail and hike to the top of a desert Four Peaks, Phoenix, Arizona. I think we can all agree: it was a really enjoyable day and gorgeous hike to get to the top, the strange impression that no one will win quickly and do not forget!
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Top 5 places to travel on a budget

Traveling on a budget is so useful. Who needs five star hotels, chic restaurants and expensive additional supplements? I found that my favorite destinations are close to home, right on American soil. Since I had such a positive experience, I would like to share with you some of your favorite places. Although I was not able to remove the saving account or break over the “on budget” is one of the kinds of directions, they are well worth every penny I spent. Here are my top 5 places to travel, whether you are on a budget or not.
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1. Arizona

This American hot spot – it’s a fantastic place to go. We all know how you feel the Grand Canyon, but there is much more, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, Arizona receives from me, plus the marvelous climate of a plurality of available things to see and do. It can get very hot, so pack casual clothes.
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because if you’re like me, the best place would be outside. The state has done an amazing job of creating hiking trails, botanical gardens, camping, excursions in the open air and other natural excursions. State full of big cities and tiny towns full of art, culture and history and great food. For example, Tucson, Arizona, the complete southwestern and Mexican heritage.
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To see places such as Sabino Canyon and Saguaro National Park, very little or no pay an entrance fee, and then nakiruytsesya in Sedona, Arizona, to be able to see 100 art galleries and events that occur constantly. This strange websites that allow you to learn from the & # 39; you are enthusiasts of art or not.
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2. Baltimore, MD

I’ve been in Baltimore many times and this is definitely one of my favorite places to see. fresh and delicious seafood, as well as all travel in the city, and for those of us on a budget dollar goes a long, long road. Steamed crabs, like no other in the world.
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The National Aquarium is beautifully situated on the bank of Baltimore and a day spent there, well spent day. Beautiful, family sights, smells and sounds – one! Harbor and Gallery is located not far from the harbor and offers excellent shopping and dining mecca where you can choose the one that suits your wallet and your taste. Depending on the time of year (remember, in Baltimore in the winter cold) there is even free entertainment. American Museum of Fine Arts also be a short trip out of the harbor. They charge a fee to get inside, but the building itself and the property are full of sculptures and art for free viewing. And at this time in this family-friendly city has many other museums to visit.
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3. Hersh, Pennsylvania

Hershey, Pennsylvania, was one of the most famous places in our country, and it offers so many free and inexpensive things. There is a park of world-class entertainment, the infamous day spa, which can be very expensive, but there are many memorable things available. Hershey Chocolate World – this passage, which is located in the Hershey Park, but completely free.
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This is a great historical journey that a & # 39 is an enjoyable and educational. If you are traveling with children, in the end of the journey they will receive a free sample sweets, where you drop straight into the gift shop. There is also the Hershey Trolley, which will transport you around the city, complete with lights in the form of kisses that line the street. Milton began his Gersh, when he planned the city and continues to this day … it is well worth your time. If you have the time (and I would advise to make the time), visit ZooAmerica, Gardens Hershey School Milton Gersh and other fantastic museums, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
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4. Dallas, Texas

In a town known for all the great, the cost of a visit is not so bad. We had a bit of the spirit of adventure, so we booked a city PASS, which offered reduced prices on some of the most popular attractions of the city. We could not knock them all, but we saw the library and museum of George W. Bush (he was president) and the Museum of Nature and Science Perrault. It’s pretty cool to add a little culture to your holiday. My traveling partners like to visit zoos, so we went to a strange zoo of Dallas and met two beautiful African elephants and a giraffe feeding. In this zoo a lot of family activities and presentations, you may need to stay more than one day. Dallas Farmers Market – this is a mandatory place. Food vendors and extremely memorable experience like no other market that I visited. If you go, take the street tacos at La Ventana or pork filled with lead in El Mero Mero. It should be noted river Traets Avdubyun center for all tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. This urban forest of hardwood trees – is an escape from the city in typical Texas area.

5. Nashville Trynichcha

Nashville, the home of country music, American history and so many, it is necessary to see and do. First, the obligatory seen all the required submissions to & # 39 is a Hall of Fame of country music and the infamous Grand Ole Oprah. You just need to look outside of the famous building. If you napishytsesya country music, get down and walk on the beautiful University College of Vanderbilt University and Belmontskaga or go to a research center or adventure in Belmont house and spend the afternoon exploring something new. Campus full of history and tradition and is the ideal place for fun in the fresh air. And we have not even mentioned the food in Nashville. Nashville should be plavlentsam cuisine. There are all kinds of boards to suit every taste. My favorites have been found in the wagons, which offers a fast, tasty and budget meals on the go. Once you have a place for a pie, I recommend a peach or pecan.
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Lost on Route 66

Two years ago, my husband and I went on a trip from New York to Arizona. One of the memories that still stand today – it's an old white-black sign that reads Route 66, as well as signs that read "Historic Route 66". In Texas, we have learned, how old was this road. Postcards printed on them were 66 route across this gas station. Needless to say, I was pleased to provide an opportunity to review this book.

Reading "Lost on Route 66: Tales from the parent of the road", written by Katelin pain and Eric Wilder, I was able to relate and appreciate the rich history of this highway. This road meant so many different things to so many different people, and I was one of them.

Lost on route 66 – a collection of short stories, essays and poems of the famous track, and those who went through it, or lived near her. These stories give you life lessons that entail American life at the turn of the century, who modeled the American life today. Reading each story, I was able to put ourselves in this way at the time. Stories pathetic, sad, and some humorous, but they all, each story teaches us a lesson, in my favorite stories in the book "The Life of little lessons", which describes a leather clad tattooed biker who makes a pair with a flat tire. What did he want in return? For couples just hand the commitment and help others. This story teaches us that simple lesson "do not judge a book by its cover", as is the case with this gentle biker.

Lost on Route 66: Tales from the parent of the road – the fine art of American history, collected in written memories that are now left me to want to explore larger. I'm waiting for the day when I will be back on the road, face-to-face with a sign that says, "Route 66".

Buy: Lost on Route 66: Tales from the parent of the road can be purchased on Amazon.com

What to see in Preskotse in Arizona

If you plan to visit Arizona, or even next summer to escape the heat of Phoenix, do not forget to do a lot of time to stay in the mountain town Preskot, Arizona. With stunning scenery and the best weather & # 39; em opportunities for outdoor activities are endless. The town itself is full of annual festivals and celebrations, interesting history and high-quality housing. From Camping or relaxed game of golf, to street dance on Whiskey Row, there is fun for everyone.

As for holiday and annual traditions and celebrations, the Preskott plans year round. Perhaps some of the most famous and popular events – "Oldest Rodeo" in the world and "Fourth of July" to "Whiskey". Rodeo "Frontier Days", which began in late June, debuted in 1888, and only increased the excitement and power of the spirit. Cowboys from across the country gather every year to compete for huge prizes and delight the crowds. You will see the fireworks, horses, clowns and giant bulls, which create an energetic week. By July 4, thousands of party who sent the famous and historic Whiskey Row for a lively party. The streets are closed to traffic and open to the public, who view the secular salons. Shops and restaurants are open and in full swing when the street dance music filled the area, and fireworks light up the sky. This is one holiday that you will not want to miss.

If you love the beauty and outdoor activities, the list of events around Preskota long and attractive. You will certainly want to consider travel by rail Verde road. Passenger train – on its own appeal, but rare locomotives still running, but of nature, which you will find stunning. Passengers ride over the river and through the preservation of wilderness and Indian ruins, making the whole trip complete attraction. On Preskot area also has a unique hiking trails, golf courses, rivers and vineyards that can be visited, providing adventure through northern Arizona. To add a little excitement, check out horseback riding, rafting or ranch that provides dinner with a cartridge in weight and live western show.

For some city sights you too many options. Visit one of several historical, artistic or children's museums or go to the mall for shopping. For nightlife head to Whiskey Row, or the next great casino for light drinks and entertainment.

Year-round entertainment do not cause problems in Preskotse, Arizona. Whatever you are looking for in a holiday, you are sure to find it.

A tour of the village, you know in Arizona

Hopi covers an area of ​​about 2439 square miles in northeastern Arizona, at an altitude of 5800-6000 feet. People know living in 12 villages in four regions, which are called First Mesa, Second Mesa and Third Mesa. Although the custom and tradition of the language are similar, each region has features that are unique to other regions. Traveling through, you know easy – just follow the Arizona State Highway 264, connecting the Upper Village Maenkopi with other villages. Tourists can travel to the most open and pristine lands in the American West.

Tourists can visit the village, you know yourself, but the best way to travel to, you know – it is a guide, a certified tribe, you know. These guides know very well the tradition and culture of the Hopi. They know carvers Kachina dolls, products made baskets, pieces of silver and other artists, and can introduce visitors to the artists and to explain the meaning of art. Village, you know – they are living village – the original house remains intact and is constantly engaged in for centuries. When visitors visit the village, they enter into the modern lifestyle of the people in the villages.

Tourists can explore the Hopi artists, when they visit the village. Authorized guides of Hopi know manufacturer of baskets, silver craftsmen, carvers, painters, potters and weavers, invite tourists to their home workshops.
Visitors can also meet the artists on hiking tours in Val'pa and Sipaulovi where artists sell their art on the streets of the villages. Tourists can find art while visiting the Mesa, you know, to be valid and will be one of the most beautiful art of the Indians.

Entrance to the village, where people live, out of respect to the proximity to the residents & # 39; privacy, certain restrictions are required by visitors. Prohibited: photography, drawings, video and audio recording of the village or the landscape, wandering around the sanctuary and kivase collection unruly feathers, hike, hike to mountain climbing and familiarity with the areas not intended, alcohol, drugs and carrying of firearms. Some public ceremonies are open to the public. Visitors are asked to show respect, dressed appropriately and without discussing the rituals.

Travel cheap with coupons

Travel – an excellent impression. This not only gives you the opportunity to see a new place, but also help you de-stress and rejuvenate. Indeed, it can leave lasting memories to cherish forever. Seen around the world, and the admiration of their culture can be very interesting. In addition, you can learn a lot about the place and its specialty. This adds to your general knowledge and gives a new perspective on life. Your journey with pleasure can teach you a lot of classes, if you study the way of life of different places. This will give you the opportunity to be closer to nature and the wonders made by man. However, there is a downside. Traveling can be very expensive and burn a big hole in your pocket. Nevertheless, there is a solution, and you can save a lot of money with coupon codes for travel. They can be obtained online through various sites. If you plan to travel and collect these coupons for a certain period of time, you can travel cheaply. This concept of & # 39 is a scam and a fraud. It's real, and many people save money on their pleasures. If you are wondering why on earth someone would give such discounts, read more to find out why.

Why do companies offer coupon codes?

The answer is quite simple. Companies use these methods to promote your brand. This marketing strategy is to create market visibility. This helps spread the word to all, and clients often contribute to publicity. In addition, companies have the budget to cover the costs of advertising and marketing, and they use the coupon code on the journey as a marketing tool. Companies are spending part of the budget to other marketing strategies. The concept coupon code is very popular. Not only tourism company, but other companies have also adopted this advertising strategy. There are sites that allow you to use these codes in various categories. Some categories include accessories, electronic equipment, clothing, food products, home, garden, luggage, gift items, jewelry, items for business and office, sports items and more. You can get coupons of different categories under one roof. This makes it easy to store and use them for a lot of.

What can we expect from the codes buying trip?

You can expect discounts through coupons on hotel reservation, ticket booking, including air travel, road trip, and you can also rent a car with the help of these codes. The discount may range from 5% to 25% and even more. This will depend on the destination and the season in which you are traveling. Peak holiday time can bring you good discounts on the transaction. However, the off-season trip will bring a huge difference and can help you save a lot of money. In fact, you can also plan a cruise vacation with these advertising methods. Moreover, the destination choice is unlimited. You can choose your favorite place and plan to leave for a stunning deal.

Indeed, coupon codes for travel – a good way to travel cheap without sacrificing comfort and destination.

Ten tips for a better road trip

There is nothing more fun than the old-fashioned road trip. I love to go on the open road and explore our country. Now I "Road Tripper" has been for some time, and although I love air travel, I love a road trip, because you can really experience the country. So, it's time to cook your favorite tunes and semolina and plan your beautiful outdoor journey with these ten simple tips for traveling on the road.

1. Plan Your Trip. First you need to decide which are going to go, and then plan your trip. Planning should not take much time, but you need to know the route that are going to go, and places of interest along the way, you're going to want to stop and explore. . Half the fun of a road trip – it is to see the sites along the way. I like MapQuest my trip and my this as the main plan of attack for my road trip. GPS is very popular these days, and I would recommend it, but you can always count on them when you find yourself on the road construction zone or accident. That is why it is important that you had a real map for the areas in which you are traveling and plan alternate routes if necessary.

2. Make a hotel reservation before you go. Part of the fun when traveling on the road stops there, where your soul wants, but there is nothing worse than "have no place in a tavern." You can not imagine what the city has a "comic show", "Strawberry Festival" or & # 39 entrance, while you are visiting, and there are no places to make it. If you do not book in advance, you not only run the risk of sleeping in the car, but will not be able to effectively manage the budget road trip. If you are traveling with your family & # 39; it, or a group of friends, consider a stay at the hotel "Lux" or even rent time is a great option for seven & # 39; families who hit the road. Did you know that 90 percent of people with the time-Abram, do not use it regularly? Many excellent proposals found in some large networks of hotels that offer temporary orders, and many of them have a washer and dryer. For my trip to Scottsdale, I booked a fantastic one-bedroom suite with a kitchenette and simultaneously shared property directly through the hotel for only $ 100 per night, including tax Sheraton Desert Oasis Villas villas.

3. Allow the machine to complete the mood before you go or consider renting a car. A week before you hit the road, take the car and ask your mechanic to make sure that the liquid may flow in the machine, the air pressure in your tires is the best suited for driving on the highway, and any other relevant issues, regarding your vehicle. If you need to fix something, it is better to do it in a place you can trust before the trip. Plus, it can be more expensive if this situation should occur. Also, make sure that you placed a roadside safety kit just in case of emergency. For me, this kit includes my membership card of the American Automobile Association (Prem & # 39; er-membership). If you have a car that is no longer under warranty and has an automatic roadside assistance, the member of the American Automobile Association – it is a necessity, as it will save you a great happiness in the unfortunate event that you are with the & # 39; coming down and We must bring it in tow. If you are at all concerned that your current vehicle is not out of & # 39 is a "road worthy", then you may want to think about renting a car for your road trip. I did it for my trip to Arizona, so he found a lot of rolling and I had to rest my road trip.

4. Pack your own food and plan a picnic. Previously, I was fond of stopping at fast food places on the way. During the trip I had something fun, but I've learned that I prefer to pack your own food. It's not just makes me eat more healthy, but it also saves money, especially if you are traveling with family & # 39; it. Also, if you plan in advance, you may find that traveling there is a great stop for a colorful picnic, pack a picnic, and much better than fly through a passage. If you make a stop or a picnic, or to meet with a cool view of the way.

5. Bring a beautiful music or audio books! Music – it really is the soundtrack of our lives and every road traffic requires soundtrack. I think of my trip to Seattle every time I hear the song by Phil Collins from "No Jacket Required", because it was the main music I listened to while traveling. I think about the island harbor Bahamas and wonderful walks on the beach Pink Sands every time I hear the music of Wilson Phillips. As if the theme song for every holiday, but listening to music even today cause funny memories of outstanding trip. I also love to catch up with the books I like to read, but somehow easier to listen to. It was there that comes to audiobooks, and you can download them to mp3-player, iPhone or other device PDA. !

6. Do not forget to pack a bag for children from boredom. One thing that I have learned to produce for television, "Mom journey" Emily Kaufman, is that if you are traveling with children, you need to make sure that you have a lot to entertain them during your trip. She calls it her purse from boredom. Do not forget to pack your children's music, as children, as well as fun trips that include magnetic board games. DVD-player – this is an option for very long trips and as long as your child is not inclined to car sickness. Of course, electronic games will occupy your children, but I recommend that you limit the time for these toys, especially if you will be traveling through the beautiful scenic areas. This is a great chance to stay with family & # 39; and and child: the memory of the trip will be lost if they lost in Game Boy.

7. Remember that traveling on the road – it is just as much about the journey. One of my favorite road trips in that time was the day my niece, Jessica, and I drove 52 miles to the enchanting "Road to Hana" on Maui in Hawaii. I will never forget that in the manual says: "Remember, Hana NOT destination, a journey." Khan is located approximately 52 miles from Kahului, but a typical trip to Khan occupies not less than three hours, since the road is winding about 620 curves over the bridges 59, 46 of which have only one lane. This beautiful road tour – a memorable journey, which flies through the magnificent tropical forest, strewn with waterfalls, black sand beaches, spectacular cliffs bench, stands with fresh fruit and tropical slopes. We Jessica at least ten times stopped, including one stop for a picnic on this black sand beach. We were photographed near the waterfalls, delicious fruit stands and wonderful tropical flowerbeds. You should treat his travel on the road as well, as we made our way to the Khan: enjoy the road trip as a journey, not a destination.

8. Make good use of all the stops. I like to plan stops for fuel, food and toilets, so that I effectively use their time and do not waste time, making three stops instead of one. Perhaps most importantly, that each time you stopped to make sure that everyone in the car use the toilet (even if they think they should not do it). It vysechatstsa at stops that you make only for this purpose. In addition, if you are traveling with children, and you just need to stop for the bathroom, I recommend to stay at Starbucks. Parents can get a coffee or ice tea, clean toilets, and for children there is a lot of distractions (eg, to buy toys), which may have the truck stop or gas station. Use the Starbucks store locator on its website to help plan a stop before the trip. Be a "good egg" and make shopping at Starbucks, until you're there.

9. Avoid trouble. If you are coming back on the road, you need to be smart. You can not be the target of the crime, leaving valuables on the seat in the car (DVD-players, game boys, etc.) and does not advertise you on a road trip with pillows and blankets. everywhere. Having parked the car, hide the value and convenience of travel being. If you actively keep their signs "I" on the road ", then any thief or intruder breaches should go directly to the car Other considerations street views -. Always parking where there is good light and movement on foot, and make sure your windows are closed and doors closed when you leave the car. you can also purchase items such as "Club", if you like extra insurance for safety. Finally, if you are driving behind the wheel, watch your speed. Speeding makes it possible to get a ticket and, and how lsh importantly, it reduces your time on the reaction, if necessary If you are the driver, you are responsible for their passengers If you see signs that say:.. "Speed ​​limits are carried out in the photo," believe them other good tips on driving include. avoid peak hours, especially in big cities, and, if possible, in turn, drive the car with other people. you also want to avoid driving at night if you are not familiar with the surroundings.

10. get Go city map and save up to 55% on attractions and theme parks to your place of rest. Last year I came with my 8-year-old niece, Alexis and 10-year-old nephew Tyler to Los Angeles for spring break (of course, using the Reward Miles Southwest Airlines), and we went on the way down to San Diego. That was when I discovered to save money Go City Card for San Diego. With this card, I saved hundreds of dollars on admission to Legoland, Wild Animal Park, San Diego Zoo and other attractions, including whale watch on the Pacific Ocean, only acquiring map Go San Diego.

Rather than pay individually for every local attraction, you pay one price to 40 attractions (depending on the city, which is visited), and you get to create your own experience, adapting its activities based on what you love to do, and enjoy huge savings. For example, Go to Los Angeles To access the 40 included attractions you can choose a card for one, two, three, five or seven days at a low, pre-paid price. This allows you to save up to 55% compared to buying tickets directly to the Hollywood studios Universal, LEGOLAND California, Knott Berry Farm, Paramount Studios, Queen Mary, and many other attractions. Go to the city cards available in many cities and vacation spots in the United States, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Honolulu, Orlando, Miami, Seattle, Blue-red-haired, and even Toronto.

Latest tips: Do not forget your cell phone and make sure you have "hands-free" when you're using them while driving. In many states it's the law, but it is also dangerous right. Always use a mobile phone "hands-free" when you are driving. Do not forget to update their software on your mobile phone before you leave, because you do not want to pay higher rates than roaming fees. Finally, it is a good idea to send a copy of the route e-mail to other members of the family & # 39; and or friends in case of emergency – this is especially a good idea for women who are traveling together. Now, drive safe and have fun!

You can get more information at my website at Best-Travel-Deals-Tips.com.

A trip to the Phoenix limousine for recreation

Phoenix – the largest city in Arizona, located in the & # 39; Valley of the Sun. Every year thousands of tourists come to the city to experience its natural beauty, manicured golf courses and sunny sky. People also come to the city to witness the various sporting events held in the city. If you are among those who come to the city for recreational purposes, you can rent a luxury limousine in Phoenix and experience the richness of the cultural heritage of the city, urban villages and the admiration of sports competitions.

If you are outdoors, you may like the idea of ​​sweating in the sun and easy to go on the road to various sporting events or entertainment. But if your idea of ​​fun is to participate in some form of physical activity (sport read) you would like to attend the following year the place in Phoenix, which attract thousands of visitors.

Grand Field in Arizona

Grand Field in Arizona – golf course in world-class city. He has won numerous awards and countless hearts. This is one of the most challenging golf courses in the United States, since all of its 9 holes show different areas. On this golf course golfer not only enjoys high altitude and moving the fairway, but devours the glorious mountain views, mixed with the influence of the desert terrain. If you want, you get to walk around the park South of Arizona and experience the beauty of the mountain top. You can comfortably reach the great golf courses in the limo.

Trail riding

After a few hours visit to Phoenix in a comfortable limousine, how about horseback riding in the beautiful desert Sanoran? Path Riding tend hour ride on Sanoran desert. Due to its proximity to Phoenix, to the desert Sanoran easily accessible in the limo, which is controlled by climate.

After sweating in the desert it is comforting to travel in chauffeur driven limousine. Inside the limousine, you can relax, play music and enjoy a drink. You do not have to worry about the route, traffic and other hassles associated with driving a car. Tour of the Phoenix in a limousine can become invisible, and enrichment. Magnificent inter & # 39; er and sleek limousine drive allow you to see the city in a different light.

What can you do on Oahu – learn Hawaiian culture and marine animals and history

Hawaiian Ecotourism Association (HEA) defines environmental journey as "nature and culture, based on a culture that is environmental in nature and supports the well-being of local communities." Here are some of my top choices, you can do on Oahu, are environmentally friendly, and are taught (great fun!) About Hawaiian culture, Hawaiian animals and Hawaiian history.

Hawaiian culture, history and science

Bishop Museum and Planetarium This is one of my favorite cases on Oahu! The Museum has recently completed construction of a new scientific adventure center! A new attraction in the direction of the museum is located in downtown Honolulu this place is the first to learn about the culture, history and natural science Hawaii .

It is also an ideal place for exploring, as well as in-depth knowledge about the places that you visit on the island. Museum of bishops – the main natural history and cultural history institution in the Pacific, which contains 24 million cultural objects and natural science (one of the largest in the world), Hawaii and Polynesia.

From archaeological artifacts to Hollywood in Hawaii , The Museum is sufficient for you to be busy and learning all day. "Please touch" exhibits embody the story to life. Photo allowed, including flash and video recording. And in accordance with the standards of eco-tourism, service and representation of the interests of indigenous Hawaii with & # 39; it is the main purpose of the museum.
New scientific adventure center! Bishop Museum on 17,000 square feet of research center offers interactive exhibits, which are not found anywhere in the world, including a three-story volcano with hidden cameras and the eruption of lava and 30,000 halons aquarium with interactive activities. You'll see how intricately science is concerned with the natural environment and Hawaiian culture.

You will also find the current events that can be selected during the day, including garden tours, Hawaiian music and dance, "Living History," and planetarium shows, such as "Travelers Polynesia" and "Celestial Night." Relax under the shade of a tree in a beautiful courtyard with its well-tended lawn and native Hawaiian plants.

All of the above, including the new research center is included in the admission price: 15,95 dollar for teens and adults and 12.95 dollars for children over 4 to 12 years.

for budget travel tips : Membership can save you money and give you additional benefits. Membership in the family & # 39; and it is $ 50 and includes free admission for 1 or 2 adults and their children and grandchildren up to 18 years (as in the center of scientific adventure). You can apply for it online.

USS Arizona Memorial Memorial service of the national park on the tragic loss of human lives at Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 interpretive program USS Arizona Memorial consists of a 23-minute documentary and a boat trip to the USS Arizona Memorial, where the oil debris still below the bubble to the surface

Visitors should expect crowds and arrive early. Tickets are free, but they are distributed on the basis of the first arrival, first served and can be removed before noon on busy days. Strict security measures prohibit all bags and items that offer a hiding. The site contains information about the memorial and the history of 7 December 1941.

Palace Iolanthe Located in Honolulu, this palace of the late 19th century was the royal palace of the Hawaiian monarchy. The palace reflects the tastes of its builder, King David Kalakaua, Merry Monarch, a patron. His sister successor, Queen Liliukakalani, was later jailed when the Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown. During the imprisonment, she made a song goodbye, which later became the song of Hawaii "Aloha & # 39; Oe". In most Friday evenings the Royal Hawaiian group (the same team that introduced the American public "Aloha & # 39; Oe") holds free concerts on the lawn in front of the house.

Self-guided tour through the galleries of the palace is $ 6 for adults and $ 3 per child (Grand Tour (assistant professor) – $ 20 Adults – $ 5 for children). The site "Palace of friends Iolanta" is a set of images and articles, as well as tours information.

Hawaiian animals

Waikiki Aquarium This marine research center – one of the best options for addiction to Hawaiian animals, as well as to see the rare and Disappearing Endangered Hawaiian Monk Mark . Over 420 species of marine animals Hawaiian presented. You will have a close-up on a reef sharks, Hawaiian monk, ducks, fish, reefs, jellyfish and many other inhabitants of the ocean. Jack London was one of the earliest patrons of the aquarium. If you love marine life, do not miss it!
Admission: $ 9 adults; $ 6, students and seniors; $ 4, teens and people with disabilities; $ 2, ages 5 to 12 years. Some free publications listed in the "Resources" section, you can find coupons for a couple of dollars. For a virtual tour please visit their website.

These recommendations, which can be done on Oahu, coming from my Evo Budget Guide Hawaii on Oahu . Here's what one reader said about this book:

"I can not tell you how much money we have saved. I would say that we must have been better than that of your average tourist. I lived on Oahu for about three years during my early years in the Navy. I was smiling with her fiance I have done more during our trip compared to the three years that I lived there … "

Evan, Behling, Washington

Another piece of advice (from my section, "Blue Hawaii"): Once you learn about Hawaii's marine life in the aquarium, to submit rent one of those sets of tubes that pay $ 9 a week, from Snorkel Bob and have fun. on the terms of Oahu! It is still one of the hundreds of free and inexpensive things you can do on Oahu!

Overview Legoland Arizona Center: New on the & # 39; object with entertainment and attractions

You are planning your summer vacation? Why not go to Tempe, where the Legoland Discovery Center Arizona has just opened its doors. Reviews about this on the & # 39 site area of ​​40 000 square feet so far have been very positive, its many attractions designed to please parents and children. Anyone who has ever played with Lego bricks, have a great time in this world of colors and creativity.

Although it is specifically designed for young children to Legoland has something to attract people of all ages. The center offers a fun, interactive, and even educational experience. There are so many attractions that everyone can take hours. There are several playgrounds, including rides, brick pool, classes from the master model builder, 4D cinema and MINILAND exhibition, which is designed to display the iconic buildings that reflect the skyline and landmarks Phoenix. Here is an overview of some of the exhibits and attractions Legoland Arizona:

• 4D Cinema

Check the popular LEGO characters in 4D with special effects such as lightning, rain, wind and snow. By a series of 3D added an additional dimension: "Legends of Chyme" and "Zagavalnik spell."


More than 1.5 million bricks were used for the construction of this impressive attraction. You may find iconic landmarks and Arizona attractions, including the University of Phoenix Stadium, Grand Canyon Skayualk, Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright and the city's skyline. The exhibition features interactive displays, sound effects and touch screens. See how the city of Phoenix will come to life in the form of Lego!

• Trip Merlin's Apprentice

This trip to the room – it's great fun for young children, who stand on the pedal to see how fast they can get. The trip takes off on other sites, so a beautiful view from the height of the height at the Discovery Center.

• Play Zone

In a closed game area fire academy and a construction site close by. Children can climb walls, pretending building or fire, and playing in the jungle gym.

Additional attractions and opportunities

You do not need to go very far for lunch or dinner, because the opening of the center has its own cafe area, complete with a neat exhibit cooks built from Lego bricks. If you are interested in how to produce bricks in fact, simply head to the Factory Factory area. Neither review Legoland Discovery Center Arizona is not complete without mentioning about this attraction. There you will find an interactive game that gives you the ability to factory workers at all stages: from mixing to molding and decorating.

Driving the US Natural Wonders

The United States has many natural wonders that are all over the country in various states. Usually to get to any of them very easily using the excellent road and highway. Car hire is also very cheap these days, so you can go for a week or two, to visit one of the most beautiful natural wonders of America.

Death Valley, California, and Nevada

Death Valley – the lowest, including the hottest desert in North America, and it is in Eastern California. Death Valley National Park is located near the border of California and Nevada, east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is below sea level. Death Valley has many beautiful natural features, such as salt vessels, which have developed from ancient seas.

Denali National Park, Alaska

A trip to Alaska is always a gamble, and very catchy. You start in the state of Washington and, as a rule, drive north through British Columbia, Canada. If you come to the border with Alaska, you can stay in Ankorizhy to get acquainted with domestic cafes and restaurants and then go in the dead of the desert. In Alaska, there are many small and friendly community, and the best way to get acquainted with the state – to stay with one of them in the tavern for a few weeks. Denali National Park for a beautiful view and some have small towns where you can stop. Alaska is famous for wildlife and unspoiled natural environment and pristine beauty.

Everglades, Florida

Everglades in Florida – one of the largest natural freshwater wetlands in the world. It is home to many unique animals and plants that have several different types of alligators, mangrove fish, fish and other small animals. Many animals and plants in the Everglades are endangered, and they are cared for very carefully. You can take boat trips on Everglayde and even stay in nearby villages for traditional Cajun hospitality.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

No trip to the United States, to see the famous attractions and national parks, would be complete without a visit to the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon – one of the world's largest canyons. He rivers length of 277 miles, 18 miles wide and one mile deep. Grand Canyon – it is not only natural beauty, but also is home to many archaeological treasures that left the local native tribes. Around the Grand Canyon, you can find a lot of interesting buildings, such as the Shrine of the Ages and watchtowers in the wilderness.

Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls – an iconic symbol of the United States and North America as a whole. Without a visit to Niagara Falls, no road by car to the states would not be complete. The performances will be on the verge of Canada and the United States, Ontario and New York State. Niagara Falls is the most powerful in North America and a height of 167 feet. Presentation can be viewed from walkways in Prospect Point Park, on the island of Kozlov, or even on the Canadian side. Also available are excursions by boat and there are many places such as aquariums, where visitors can experience even more.

3 attractive day trip from Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu City in Arizona – one of the most desirable places for people interested in delight with several events that give adrenaline rush. However, if you want to abandon the usual water sports, hiking and bike, you can plan day trips to places that are close by, either in the city or for 2-3 hours; drive away. Blessed are the natural beauty that has a lot of these drives are sure to entertain you to the beautiful feast for the eyes and soul. Here are a few ideas a day trip that should be considered:

Hualapai Mountain: Hualapai Mountain Park is about 30 minutes & # 39; adehats from Havas lake. With a height of between 1920 and 2516 m, the mountain remains evergreen throughout the year and plays a beautiful flora and fauna, such as Aspen, Manzanita, Panderasa, mountain lions, raccoons, bears, squirrels, skunks, throwing, foxes, besides different kinds of birds, owls, eagles and hawks. Day trips to the mountains Hualapai quite cheerful, thanks to the inclusion of different activities in the route, such as hiking, wildlife viewing, picnicking, and access to some off-road trails. There are even restaurants where you can enjoy the luxury of food varieties, admiring the view of moose in the fresh air.

Tribal Reserve Oaxaca: This place is located about 46 miles from London Bridge. It boasts a nature reserve, which was set up to restore the ecosystem of the Colorado River and the local environment. Place occupies more than 200 acres and has all kinds of local plantations, such as willow, cotton, mesquite, and more. A key objective of this project was to enhance the plant with a view to facilitating the flow of the river. If you are a nature lover, birds columnist or photographer, this is the ideal choice for a day trip from Lake Havasu, because in this place live a few species such as the great blue heron, Vermilon, flycatcher, beavers and many others.

National haven for wildlife Bill Williams: This place, which is located approximately 23 miles from Lake Havasu, should be a passion for photographers and nature lovers. You can select a campaign, choose fun sport or simply enjoy an array of birds and natural beauty that is sure to be a feast for the eyes. Fishing – another activity enjoyed by many, visiting the pedestrian path of the peninsula, which is located next to the headquarters of asylum. However, you should note that at this point there are certain terms and visits, respectively, plan your tour to avoid disappointment.

While you decide to explore all of these options, just do not forget to bring your fishing rod, canoe, hiking boots and anything else that you brought with you to make the most of a trip to Lake Havasu.