The company back through solid desert and the old West: The campaign to polish the creek, Crown King, Arizona

Summer is hot in Arizona! But it is only the central and southern parts of the state under the name of desert regions Sanoran. What many do not know – is that here in Arizona, even in summer there are many beautiful and interesting places, if you want to go outside and cool day. So, if you're ready for a new hiking adventure with wet, check out the Polish cry in the wilderness, Castle Creek, Crown King, Arizona, and go back through the solid beauty of the desert and in the real old west!

I was always interested to travel to Crown King, which is located south of Preskota in the Bradshaw Mountains, which borders the desert Castle Creek If you have a truck or 4 watts, you will need to do everything well, because to King Corona is available only 27 miles across the dirt road. But recently, I joined the excellent local walking group called TLC Peking Group, and when they said they sent to the Crown of the King, to go to a place called Poland Creek to the waterfall 30 feet with a large hole for swimming under the name "Big Bear" "I thought, wow, that sounds pretty interesting and willingly signed.

So clearly and early on Saturday morning, I met a group TLC marching hymn, north of Phoenix, about 6:15 am. Those of us with cars came together with the other members, which were trucks, jeeps and 4 species. We were advised to try the same car pool together because of limited parking space, located in the head of the trail. By 6:45 am we went to the Crown, the King, who was heading north on route I-17, until we reached the exit Bumblebees, near the town of Black Canyon. We went out on the freeway and go left onto FR 259. Most of FR 259 in the early 20th century used to be the old railway road called Bredshavskaya railway line, and its adnapalosnyya bridges are still in use. We first went through the small town of bumblebees, and then through the even smaller and much older and more rural town called Kletar. A trip to FR 259 – absolutely beautiful, with picturesque views around when you slowly padymaetsesya on the hill and on to indirect Bradshaw Mountain and Castle Creek Desert. Overall, I thought that the road is in very good condition, and in dry conditions is very convenient for conventional vehicles, if you take it slowly.

We climbed to the top, the height of 5500 feet, which is called Poland Vista Point, and our trail at 7:30 am. It is not easy to recognize the path to the road, but at mile 25, watch for a little stretching and parking on the left. After a few group photos, we went camping before 7:45 am. In order to get to the Polish Rica, you must first go the way Algonkina. Views of the canyon from the trail horses zlodeynyh Algonkina captivate the spirit and decent, although only about 1,000 feet, is really quite gradual. After going down, we hung left and headed down into the canyon and creek in Polish. Here campaign is actually getting a little tense, when you start to jump over the huge rocks and boulders in the riverbed. We went a little way past various small swimming holes, until they reached the site of the crash, which is called "The Big Bear". Unfortunately, at this time the water level was too low, and a drop of water was not working. A small group decided to look for another hole for swimming, while the rest of us hung back and rested. When they returned, they reported what they saw povnarastayuchuyu Black Diamond Winter, who was sunbathing on a rock!

About an hour later, and so, as the temperature began to warm up quickly, we decided to go back. Contact trip back over the rocks and boulders in the Polish cry, then at the height of 1000 feet on Algonkina trail at this time it has become more difficult. However, a picturesque view of the surrounding area was again very spectacular when I stayed here and there to catch your breath and take some photos. Most of us returned to the top of the hill where our cars were parked around 11 am for a total distance of travel back about 3 miles.

By bringing our group on the trail, we came back to the car and walked two miles down the road in the old western town of Crown King. They had a lot of road construction, but after a few minutes of waiting, we were allowed into the city and immediately personally greeted and welcomed. We were also invited to dine at the restaurant "Mill" on the hill, an old renovated mill gladiators, built in 1893, and said that the city has the best food, and it turned out! The food was excellent and the service in all areas, very friendly, private with all that is done with a touch of home. Really cool! After dinner, we decided to check out the rest of the town of Crown King. The town was founded as early as 1875, after the search engine found the gold, and then grew up about 45 years later, the city of gold mining railways Bradshaw to support the economy recovery. However, they said the mine had been unproductive, and railways began to work from the beginning of the 20th century. Today, they have a few gold mines, which are also mined their own gold. This is definitely a very quaint town that has not lost its "rustic" Old West history and charm. Located in the pines on a hill close to 6,000 feet, the temperature in the August day was warm, but mild, low 80s with a slight cool breeze. Ideal! After verification of the old town saloon, prospectus-chola and department store and the post office, we returned to our cars and left the Crown-king around 14.45.

Drive control back to the raised position in FR 259 was a single band with a plurality of cuts and solid curves s. It seemed even more hair rises with plenty of oncoming trucks and construction machinery, which seemed to go on a short clip. We almost went on a dump truck! But fortunately, my good friend Dan was an excellent driver with a lot of experience in his belt, so we were in good hands. We thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the great drive and returned to the hymn, where our cars were parked at 4pm.

In general, it was a great day of fun, amazing mountain scenery of the desert, a great hike "mid-level" with really wonderful people and very pleasant visit to the old western town of Crown King. So, if you're ready for hiking adventures and colorful day trip back to the Old West, I definitely recommend checking Poland Creek Desert Castle Creek, in Crown King, Arizona.

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