Lake Havasu in Arizona – hidden treasure

To the west it is bordered by California, Lake Havasu – a water oasis in the Arizona desert. As a result of the dam construction Parker this lake was created in 1938. Lake Havasu City was founded by Robert P. McCullough, McCullough chainsaw inventor who used the lake for testing engine boats. He bought 3,500 hectares of land on the eastern side of the lake. Early residents around the lake lived in tents earning them the honor of being the pioneers of the 1960s.

Spring break on Lake Havasu – a welcome change from the rowdy, n & # 39; Yanagi free for all, with what face many tourist spots. Classes at Lake Havasu encourage students to go hiking, boating and enjoy the tranquility that is found in nature.

London Bridge, which stretches from Lake Havasu to Thompson Bay was purchased by McCullough in 1968 for $ 2.5 million. Carelessly disassembled in London, each brick marked and transported to Arizona, to the reconstruction of the bridge took three years. Modifications to safety and the need to change it, but visitors do not appear to mind. A small English village transport guests across the sea, when they were walking through the quaint streets. This bridge provides an excellent night view of the lake, the city and the sky.

Outdoor activities virtually unlimited on Lake Havasu. Tourists can rent a boat, water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, hiking, biking, swimming, and fishing during the day. Rent a boat home provided seven & # 39; pits who want to escape to a quiet place. Lake State Park is a few miles Havas safe walking routes for visitors more suitable.

Mokhov path, which lasts only a half mile from the gently Vie deserted part of the park to the waterfront. The interpretive garden fireplaces Arroo-represented native species and wildlife that inhabit the desert surrounding the Lake. Public beaches and picnic areas give travelers a chance to rest and relax after a walk in the desert sun.

If the weather is & # 39; e becomes poor, visiting the fully closed water park should keep you busy for employment. Featuring a 254-foot hill fully enclosed, wave pool, children's lagoon and numerous lounges; therapeutic pools will soothe those who work on the muscles. Waterpark offers plenty of Seven & # 39; pits place to escape the sun and still enjoy the water. Special offer packages available for those seven & # 39; families who plan ahead. Visit their website for more information.

Field course in the town and in the lying areas offer spectacular views of the stage for the avid golfer. Bridgewater Links, located near Queens Bay, has 3 daily Triad nine holes, 1,808 yard 30 th year. Golf Bridge London – a 18-yamavaya, 640 yardnaya 71 m pitch. Refuge Golf Course offers nine and 18 rounds. All of these courses are open to visitors, but are encouraged to make time for the baby early.

The Museum of History provides a glimpse into the rich traditional past of the first inhabitants. In this museum are Native American dancing, singing and music. Special events, such as the women's group claims, prepare fried bread and traditional crafts throughout the year. Video presentation "The Return of creativity together" in detail told about the project "Salt Route", which takes place in the museum.

A trip to Lake Havasu something to provide any & # 39; nd the perfect vacation spot in Arizona!

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