Top 5 places to travel on a budget

Traveling on a budget is so useful. Who needs five star hotels, chic restaurants and expensive additional supplements? I found that my favorite destinations are close to home, right on American soil. Since I had such a positive experience, I would like to share with you some of your favorite places. Although I was not able to remove the saving account or break over the “on budget” is one of the kinds of directions, they are well worth every penny I spent. Here are my top 5 places to travel, whether you are on a budget or not.
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1. Arizona

This American hot spot – it’s a fantastic place to go. We all know how you feel the Grand Canyon, but there is much more, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, Arizona receives from me, plus the marvelous climate of a plurality of available things to see and do. It can get very hot, so pack casual clothes.
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because if you’re like me, the best place would be outside. The state has done an amazing job of creating hiking trails, botanical gardens, camping, excursions in the open air and other natural excursions. State full of big cities and tiny towns full of art, culture and history and great food. For example, Tucson, Arizona, the complete southwestern and Mexican heritage.
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To see places such as Sabino Canyon and Saguaro National Park, very little or no pay an entrance fee, and then nakiruytsesya in Sedona, Arizona, to be able to see 100 art galleries and events that occur constantly. This strange websites that allow you to learn from the & # 39; you are enthusiasts of art or not.
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2. Baltimore, MD

I’ve been in Baltimore many times and this is definitely one of my favorite places to see. fresh and delicious seafood, as well as all travel in the city, and for those of us on a budget dollar goes a long, long road. Steamed crabs, like no other in the world.
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The National Aquarium is beautifully situated on the bank of Baltimore and a day spent there, well spent day. Beautiful, family sights, smells and sounds – one! Harbor and Gallery is located not far from the harbor and offers excellent shopping and dining mecca where you can choose the one that suits your wallet and your taste. Depending on the time of year (remember, in Baltimore in the winter cold) there is even free entertainment. American Museum of Fine Arts also be a short trip out of the harbor. They charge a fee to get inside, but the building itself and the property are full of sculptures and art for free viewing. And at this time in this family-friendly city has many other museums to visit.
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3. Hersh, Pennsylvania

Hershey, Pennsylvania, was one of the most famous places in our country, and it offers so many free and inexpensive things. There is a park of world-class entertainment, the infamous day spa, which can be very expensive, but there are many memorable things available. Hershey Chocolate World – this passage, which is located in the Hershey Park, but completely free.
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This is a great historical journey that a & # 39 is an enjoyable and educational. If you are traveling with children, in the end of the journey they will receive a free sample sweets, where you drop straight into the gift shop. There is also the Hershey Trolley, which will transport you around the city, complete with lights in the form of kisses that line the street. Milton began his Gersh, when he planned the city and continues to this day … it is well worth your time. If you have the time (and I would advise to make the time), visit ZooAmerica, Gardens Hershey School Milton Gersh and other fantastic museums, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
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4. Dallas, Texas

In a town known for all the great, the cost of a visit is not so bad. We had a bit of the spirit of adventure, so we booked a city PASS, which offered reduced prices on some of the most popular attractions of the city. We could not knock them all, but we saw the library and museum of George W. Bush (he was president) and the Museum of Nature and Science Perrault. It’s pretty cool to add a little culture to your holiday. My traveling partners like to visit zoos, so we went to a strange zoo of Dallas and met two beautiful African elephants and a giraffe feeding. In this zoo a lot of family activities and presentations, you may need to stay more than one day. Dallas Farmers Market – this is a mandatory place. Food vendors and extremely memorable experience like no other market that I visited. If you go, take the street tacos at La Ventana or pork filled with lead in El Mero Mero. It should be noted river Traets Avdubyun center for all tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. This urban forest of hardwood trees – is an escape from the city in typical Texas area.

5. Nashville Trynichcha

Nashville, the home of country music, American history and so many, it is necessary to see and do. First, the obligatory seen all the required submissions to & # 39 is a Hall of Fame of country music and the infamous Grand Ole Oprah. You just need to look outside of the famous building. If you napishytsesya country music, get down and walk on the beautiful University College of Vanderbilt University and Belmontskaga or go to a research center or adventure in Belmont house and spend the afternoon exploring something new. Campus full of history and tradition and is the ideal place for fun in the fresh air. And we have not even mentioned the food in Nashville. Nashville should be plavlentsam cuisine. There are all kinds of boards to suit every taste. My favorites have been found in the wagons, which offers a fast, tasty and budget meals on the go. Once you have a place for a pie, I recommend a peach or pecan.
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