Try Adventure Rock climbing in Arizona: a hike to the top of the Browns, desert Four Peaks

With an average daily temperature of 110 degrees plus here in Phoenix every day, until the end of August the summer begins to be felt for a long time and extremely hot! I have been asked many times, how do you deal with the heat? Or popular, why would anyone want to live here, if you so hot? I usually answer, “Well, at least you do not have to shovel the heat!” Indeed, even in the middle of August here in Phoenix, you can go outside and warm at all times, because here in Arizona, it’s so wonderful diverse that you will be surprised when you discover if you love the street, as I do that there is always something new, fun and adventure, to see, to study here at any time of the year! In Arizona, a huge desert landscape, vertical canyons and bitter mountain ranges and peaks, there are many beautiful places to go out on trips, but also offers a lot of interesting places to go and experience the adventure of mountaineering! For a cool break from the summer heat and very scenic hike average, only a short distance from the Phoenix area, with the possibility also to experience an exciting and thrilling rock climbing and round dance adventure, then you definitely want to check out the way the Browns Peak and apex at the top, the desert four tops Phoenix, Arizona.
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Having lived in Arizona for over 20 years, I have always heard about the top four and the top four desert, but there had never been. So when I saw that hiking group TLC, which was led and organized by Eric Kineman, planned to hike and get to the top of Brown’s Peak, in the desert four peaks to the east of the Phoenix, I thought, wow, that going to be a really nice and pleasant campaign! However, for the top, I was not exactly sure about this part.
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But I would subscribe to the campaign and a beautiful Saturday morning in late August, I met with Eric Kinnemanam and a group of campaigns to TLC Casino Fort McDowell, and to 6.30am we packed our small group and were on the road on our way Four peaks in the desert. Of Fountain Hills and the Fort McDowell Casino we hung left onto Route 87, also known as the Beeline Highway, heading east until you reach number 203. At mile marker 203 miles, but before mile marker 204, the right of the sign for the top four, we turned right onto a forest road 143.
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18 kilometers of all expelled from FR 143 mud was absolutely spectacular! Wow, gorgeous scenery and mountain views for miles and miles around you slowly padymaetsesya and inflated way with a height of about 2000 feet from the floor of the desert, up to 5700 feet as soon as you reach the base of the trail. I believed that describe road conditions FR 143, which I read in the references and resources provided for the campaign to be very accurate. It is traversed by the way, but sometimes it is somewhat uneven. Overall, I thought it was not very bad, but I will certainly back up their recommendations, although either have a 2-car truck or 4-cotton car to safely make this drive.
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About an hour “off road” we reached the landmark nature of the Four Peaks Wilderness, where we made a pit stop and relish the opportunity to get out and stretch his legs for a few minutes. Before 7:45 am, we met again and were ready to move on. After reaching the ridge in a short way down the road, we hung a very sharp turn to the right hand at the sign for the lone pine trail and FR 648. From there it was just a mile or so, maybe less than that, we have finally reached a large area parking and a lonely pine trails, 5,700 feet in height, and the starting point of today’s hiking adventure. flights
By 8:15 am, and all willingly profit and ready to go, Eric quickly began his march, going to Brown Peak Way, number 133, and each of us quickly followed him. The temperature was absolutely perfect, low 80 ° C, with a light breeze to keep cool when we made our way through the magnificent pine trees and forest trees.
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We continued to the origin of its straight forward at Brown peak-track, which quickly merges and becomes amethyst path, trying to keep up with Eric and stay together as a group. Views from all sides were absolutely spectacular, and I could not help but stopped making as many pictures as I could from all the spectacular scenery! From the edge of the trail, looking east, you see a beautiful lake at the bottom of Roosevelt. Gorgeous! Then little ways further up the trail, looking to the west, you will see a breathtaking view of the mountains of prejudice in the south-west and north-west, on the southern mountains and mountains Mazatal McDowell, as well as the entire area of ​​Phoenix !. Absolutely beautiful! The higher you, the more spectacular species. Amazing!
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Two miles and a height of about 1,000 feet, we reached a part called a saddle or base-Brown Peak is now the height of about 6,700 feet, along with my good friend Dan and other comrades TLC campaign named Pam. Here you can independently decide to stop, or try to push, but if you choose to continue, going half a mile away to the top of the take-off becomes a Class 4 and is rated as very difficult.
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I took one look down, and then looked directly at the talus and said: “No way, I am very afraid of heights and falling, and had no previous experience of climbing, I thought it better that I stop there.” . But Eric, as the rest of the group, click the first “scree” (vertical slope consisting of loose stones and boulders, forming gullies or “trough” as it is called, and the way in which it will be possible to get to the top you need to ), then to an even greater head “shower”, which jumped on the ridge, he said.
Then, without signs of traces of traces, they have risen the last 75-100 feet, and about that time, until they reached the top of Brown’s Peak and altitude 7657 feet and the highest heights in the whole area of ​​Phoenix. Wow! And 360 species there, at the top, absolutely spectacular!
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But the adventure did not stop there, and now it’s time to rise and adventure ago. After half an hour of rest, fascinated by the view and the cool temperature at the top, they decided to go back again and started to make the descent. Meanwhile, back at “base camp”, I, along with my friend Dan, another campaign TLC, rested, took pictures and enjoyed the incredible species, while we waited for all of them come down, “Strait”, at least, we thought.
However, they decided not to try to “debris” back to the time when we finally hear their voices again, they headed east. We looked up and first saw Eric, then one by one we saw them jump from a cliff top in the field of 8-10 feet tall, bent oak trees and thick brush from the bottom, where they literally were “nailed to the trees,” this ” one barrel at a time, until they were safe did not return to the bottom.
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It was very fun to watch, because where we were, because all you saw were the trees that are entangled here and there, and this thick vegetation rustling and bend thus, and finally, we saw their heads start to jump! and look at their faces as hysterical! But, fortunately, all voluntarily adpustsilisya and after a quick photo in the group after 12pm we walked down to the lone pine garden, waiting to come the rest of the group. They began to adjust to each other, and the final participants We arrived at 12:45. But they told us what happened with dignity.
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Apparently, a large boulder was thwarted, that is a real danger skalalazhennya, and began to roll right in my way. Unfortunately, one man could not get out of the way fast enough, and he rolled over her hand and broke two fingers!
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All in all, it was another great hiking and adventure day trip, I found it very well researched, planned and organized by Eric Kinnemanam from a group of campaigns TLC. Although I never made it to the summit, it was still a great experience for me, because I’m really inspired right now to take a beginners course of rock climbing and might also join a local rock climbing.
gym also so I could learn some basic technical skills the next time. Climbing, as I said – a great way to overcome your fear of heights, and create a strong hand, which you did not know, and be able to get out and explore the many new places in this.
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strange Arizona. So for a cool break from the summer heat, which is a short distance from the Phoenix area, whether you are looking for a scenic, but the average level of the campaign, or if you are going to a big task and an exciting and thrilling adventure of rock climbing and terrible life, then you will definitely want to make sure that you read Brown’s Peak trail and hike to the top of a desert Four Peaks, Phoenix, Arizona. I think we can all agree: it was a really enjoyable day and gorgeous hike to get to the top, the strange impression that no one will win quickly and do not forget!
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