Facts about the ski excursions: the general injury skiing

Changes modern ski equipment, improvement of slopes design and maintenance have reduced the level of suras & # 39; oznyh injuries. However, we must take into account that there is still a considerable amount of ski injuries that may occur during your ski trip.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), studies have shown that the major injuries that happen for skiers, with the & # 39 are sprains, fractures, breaks and sprains. Currently ligament injury with & # 39 is more common injury that occurs in skiers.

Several studies have shown that the most common knee injury with & # 39 is damaged medial collateral ligament (MCL). Physiotherapist Jennifer Lewis of athletes & # 39; Performance in Phoenix, Arizona explains that "MCL injuries occur when a sudden force or twisting motion applied to the outer part of the knee, causing the knee inward, most often when the foot is planted on the ground." Usually all stages MCL sprains may be controlled by strengthening and limited range of motion.

Another type of knee injury – is damaged anterior cruciate ligament (aCL). ACSM explains that the injury is caused when the lower leg suddenly unscrew it from the lower leg, as in "catch the edge." Typically, the injury caused by the fall of the reverse, when the lower leg moves forward. This type of injury often requires surgical repair and general rehabilitation.

According ACHSM, from 30 to 40 percent of all injuries inflicted injuries of the upper extremities. The most vulnerable part of the upper body with a & # 39; a thumb. Injury to the ulnar side of the thumb ligament occurs when a skier falls on the outstretched arm, which still captures pole. Thumb stretched out, injuring the joint. Sprains thumb evaluated as the first stage, second stage and third-degree, depending on how serious the & # 39; ozna damaged ligament. It may just be the thumb, but if the injury of the thumb is not properly, it can lead to long-term disability.

Another trauma of the upper limbs – a dislocated shoulder. After the rehabilitation of the shoulder dislocation important protection of the joint, to avoid recurrence. Despite the development of rehabilitation programs, to strengthen the shoulder dislocation is still possible. Surgical repair is often necessary to restore the dislocation of the joints, to restore its functional state.

experts say

According to the ACSM, skiing should be discontinued if it causes extra pain. In the event of injury during a skiing holiday, just remember that primary care: rest, ice, compression and elevation. They also recommend a proper assessment of the injury and treat the relevant medical staff. In addition, the implementation of special sports activities will help delay muscle fatigue, which often contributes to the injury.

In addition, they are also advised to carry out studies to increase the ski and appreciation of different ski conditions. In addition, good equipment that is properly equipped and serviced by a certified ski shop, will lead to the minimization of risks. The skiers who understand the risk of the sport, there are great chances of avoiding serious & # 39; oznyh injuries.

With improved equipment used for skiing, the risk of getting serious & # 39; on ski trips serious injury is minimal. But let's not forget that some injuries can still happen if we do not perform adequate security measures.

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