Presenting: Chris Roneset – an expert in adventure travel!

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Chris Ronezetam with Trek Holidays (see preview interview & # 39;. Th), which gave me a good overview of adventure travel, field trips, I definitely would like to learn sooner than later …

1. Tell us how you got into the business of adventure travel.

I grew up around travel. My father, Alan Roneset founded the company in 1972, and with enthusiasm sees the world in any other way than the norm, we had the opportunity to travel the country, which at that time were considered exotic and, to some extent remain today. Catching up on their own journey, visiting the university, I became more and more fond of the world outside North America. With a degree of marketing, I decided to first in New York and then in Toronto, working in sales and marketing for technology companies during the technology boom. Having studied the sales skills in industry is travel, but backed up by education related to adventure travel, I made progress in the direction of sales in Eastern Canada for the family business, where I now provide support to our network of travel agents in Eastern Canada, as well as make up our monthly newsletter on trends in adventure travel.

2. In what country did you go?

Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Egypt, Morocco

Europe: United Kingdom, Greenland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria

Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, in the & # 39; etnam, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong

South Pacific: Australia, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji

America: The Canadian High Arctic, the United States, Mexico, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands,

Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia

3. Please share with us three of the best travel memories of all time.

A. Peru – Last descent to Machu Picchu on the famous Inca Trail to the Sun Gate after sunrise above the ground, being the first who visited the site in the dawn and the air felt peace, harmony and a strong magic.

B. & # 39; etnam – Travel Q & # 39; etname on a motorcycle and stumbled on the hidden and rarely visited Buddhist monastery, in the result, held a three-hour visit with a young Buddhist monk who studies and understands the way of each other.

C. Namibia – Steamboat parachute at sunset in Swakopmund on the coast, where the Atlantic Ocean meets with the blood-red sand dunes as far as the eye can see. One of the coolest moments of my life.

4. What is adventure travel and how they have evolved over the past few decades?

Adventure travel means more adventure at a time when the company was established in the seventies, there was a time when the "hippie trail" was hot, and the buses traveled to Asia from London to Kathmandu with routes, which were mostly invented along the way. Today we are talking about a small group experience and how to experience the destination, not just see it. It is about participation and understanding of the culture, history and customs, and the opportunity to take this experience as enriching your daily life.

5. Who goes to your adventure travel tours, and why? What is the age, gender, ethnicity and income level of people who go on tour?

Adventure travel is largely about his interest to do it. For this reason, it crosses the boundaries of age, gender and income, as the common goal of travelers – it is an experience, regardless of their home. However, the biggest demographic for us and most important demographic growth – is the baby boomers who have experienced a traditional beach holiday a few times and now have the time and disposable income to travel to more exotic destinations. Citizenship, as a rule, is made up of English-speaking countries, was held in order: British, Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, Americans, part of mainland Europe, some countries in Latin America and the amazing Asian travelers.

We offer more than 120 countries around the world are usually almost everywhere. However, countries that are now considered dangerous to travel (for example, Iraq, Afghanistan), are not included, but we expect that they will in the coming years, when the situation stabilized.

7. What type of accommodation is offered?

We offer general anything from a 2-star budget to 6-star home in Africa and all in between. However, for all the places where we are, characterized by the fact that they have to be clean, comfortable, located in the city center and, most importantly, to have a character that reflects the purpose.

8. How do these tours for single travelers? You provide a service to connect travelers? What happens if I prefer a single housing?

Our tours are designed to single travelers. In fact, 50% of all our travelers come by themselves. We are finding people of the same sex and age love to share them and to avoid levying surcharges. If customers prefer to own number, we can do it for about 60% of the tours are usually in more supermarkets, but at a price that is fair and reasonable.

9. What about the food?

Depending on the trip, we usually include breakfast and dinner, but almost never have lunch, as many like to be in the afternoon, making their own discoveries. However, in campaigns or in rural areas or where there is no alternative, we will always include food.

10. What are the unique advantages of adventure tours in comparison with other forms of travel?

A sense of achievement, the quality of the experience of traveling with a small group of an average of ten people, tend to be more useful than a comparable bus tours, partnerships with people who share a passion for this kind of travel.

11. What kinds of activities are offered in your tours?

Guided & # 39 is the main part of each round, but other than that, we want to include as many cultural experiences as possible, such as a home meeting with the local seven & # 39; families, visiting villages, etc. We also have a lot of additional activities such as rafting, sailing, jeep safaris, day trips, etc.

12. There is such thing as adventure tours to seven & # 39; ads?

Now we have tours, built specifically for families who are traveling with seven other & # 39; families where children aged six and above. There is a large demographic group Seven & # 39; ads "late start", who have never had children under 30s. Many of these people have traveled with us in our 20's and were engaged in their own backpacks and now want to transfer this experience to their children. They are not interested in, to acquaint them with the culture of "cocoa-cola", which is distributed in modern society. They were met with great success.

13. Please share with us practical advice for those who have never tried in adventure travel.

Safety – a state of mind. Most people who have decided not to go to exotic items, do so out of fear for their safety, while at the destination. If you listen to the advice of your tour director and will be virtually almost anywhere in the world, we can provide a safe, secure and memorable experience. Where we have had security problems, it was almost always disregard common sense and advice. Do not be afraid to experience other cultures, you will almost always find that your curiosity will be the best guide, but all the same curiosity and will meet the people we meet along the way. It is about learning and understanding other people as much as they need to understand us. It really reduces the world. Our second biggest problem is dehydration when you are traveling in hot and dry countries or where doing activities such as going to make you drink a lot of water!

14. How much time you are traveling yourself these days?

Usually 5 or 6 weeks per year. It is very important to my knowledge and experience in sales, and I am obliged to its customers to be an expert in what we do! All of our staff provide excellent opportunities for travel that is directly connected with the motto of our company: Expert advice from those who have been there!

15. Where are you going next?

I plan this year, accompanied by a trip to Egypt in April, in May in South Africa to try some of our new on the & # 39 objects with which we work, and I hope to make a trip to Mozambique. Later this year I plan to sneak into Turkey and Patagonia outdoors in Chile and Argentina.

Thank you, Chris, for all your information and have fun on the go!

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