West exit – Wickenburg, Arizona


Sedentary in the shadow of the rising of the Phoenix, a small town full of history and culture of cowboys, waiting for just a short passage. I could use to describe a short "drive", but then the horse is considered to be a major part of the public transport system, and many of the locals tend to "chase" the cows. This city is well known on the dude ranch and open spaces, but most know him as a stopover on the way to Nevada gambling. Why not take a gamble on Wickenburg, Arizona? This is your best bet in this way.

Wickenburg was founded in 1863 when Henry Wickenburg, Austrian search engine, found gold around Mount Kite central Arizona. Shortly after the mining and ranch foundations were laid by the city, and the northern city was born. City largely celebrates its history, many of which can be seen today. From ghost towns to festivals, there are many opportunities to plunge into the western heritage of Wickenburg.

One of the biggest western festivals of this kind, the annual Gold Rush Days attract thousands of visitors from all over to celebrate the history of the area of ​​production. Over the weekend, in February proposed a competition for mining, melodrama, and one of the largest parades on Saturday. If you are in town at any time of year, be sure to visit the Chamber of Commerce, located in the historic railroad depot on Frontier street. This is a great place to start and get acquainted with the history of the city, places and things that you want to do. Do not forget to check out the old steam engine Santa Fe directly from the station. Many shops and artisans located here in the city center from here. Some of the most important points: Saddle Shop Ben, Babehot Babe & # 39; s, and some of the finest turquoise jewelry in the state of Denis. Take a walking tour of the city center and you will find several "guides" around town to help you learn a little about its history. These guides are actually a & # 39 statues are located around the city, and pressing the button will tell you the story of the city's past.

For a town of this size range of restaurants are rich. The best thing you will find about food establishments Wickenburg – this character. Mom and Pops are very well represented: Anita, Rancho Bar 7 and cowboy coffee shop can be called only a few. After a good meal watch the movie in the historic Saguaro Theater, built in 1948, and his signs, and the original kiosk remain intact. As for popcorn from the movie, in this place it is possible to know the core. Wickenburg – this is an obvious place for this dinner and a movie date, which must be removed.

The two best things about Wickenburg that we have to do, we do not mention. West Desert Museum and the town Kabaleras Mine kite. For a town with less 10,000 people museum here – the toast of the town. On the western art collection, which includes as large as Remington, Russell, Moran and Ueygorst, this little museum that could … and does. Besides the exhibits are constantly changing, constantly coming back to the constant historical part of the museum includes the street of Arizona in 1915, as well as salon, store hours, stable liver, a post office, a church and a general store. There is also a Victorian holiday home, to show how it was in the old west. This must be seen in Wickenburg, evaluate, learn and inflates.

History of the neck was the original place of discovery of gold Henry Vikenberga. There was also an imaginary peak of the neck, the city Vulture City was founded here to support mining. At one point, had a population of 5,000 people, which would be called the house of the desert. Many of the original buildings are here, and those who seek to be invited to make a tour of their own. Original pendant tree is still there in the city from this old Ironwood hung 18. Some say there are ghosts that still haunt the area. Is not it a little obvious? I mean, it's a ghost town.

There are many things that we have not covered, but there are many that you need to identify. Wickenburg is just minutes from Phoenix, and at a great distance in the head. Do not forget to make a trip in the near future and get in touch with the Western spirit, who can offer the largest city in Arizona.


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