Five things you need to know about Tirupati – your complete guide


Located in Chittor district in Andhra Pradesh, Tsirupatsi – Popular Temple City, which is believed to be the heavenly home of Lord Vishnu. Being the most sacred place of pilgrimage for Hindus, crystals Tsirupatsi devotees visiting every year. Ten kilometers to the north-west of Tyrupatsi is Swamy Venkateswara temple, which is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara and who is also addicted to the devotees. If you plan to visit Tsirupatsi, then you make sure that you are familiar with these five things and be reserved in advance Bangalore cabin Tsirupatsi.

  1. Tsirumala Brahmotsavam – This is one of the most favorable and important festivals celebrated in Tyrupatsi. It is believed that Lord Brahma on the banks of the river Pushkaryni bowed Balazs Lord, to thank him for the protection of mankind. Since Brahmotsavam celebrated annually in Tyrumalai during October.
  2. where to eat – Being a pilgrim center in Tyrupatsi people can receive only vegetarian food. Most hotels and restaurants serve a variety of vegetarian dishes, which include idli, water, dosa, upmu, Pongal and regular meals. Visiting Tirupati, you should try Rayalseema delicacies including Aalasananda Vadalu, Akukura Pulagura and Ragi Sangati. If you like to eat a banana leaf, then Tsirupatsi – this is the right place to tickle the taste buds and savor the delicious food.
  3. Where to Shop – A well-known handicrafts, you can always shop for wood carving and work Callamard. If you are an art lover, you may be happy to trade with traditional paintings with gold Tanzhare style that made Madanpalli. In addition, Tsirupatsi are also available in white wood toys, idols, and unique items for crafts.
  4. where to stay – Tsirupatsi being a popular destination, offers a variety of accommodation options ranging from five-star hotels to hostels included in the budget. Many people when traveling to Bangalore are planning a short trip to Tyrupatsi and book a taxi in Bangalore to visit the deity. If you are also among them, you can easily book a stay forecast online and save when booking. However, others who prefer a generous finding may select independent bungalows.
  5. If you visit – Although Tsirupatsi can be visited at any time of the year, but from September to March is considered the best time because the weather & # 39; e becomes enjoyable. If you want to visit only pilgrim center, then to December & # 39 is the ideal season, as the temple during this time a little less. Otherwise for sightseeing October-March preferable.


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