Cheap Hotels Examined Up Close


We have all seen Lenny Henry emblazoned with purple on our TV screens, doing his best to sell us rooms. But, as consumers, we want a comfy stay and the best deal, and the proof is always in the pudding. Adverts are great, but what are the options really like? We are not restricted to a couple of big name cheap hotel chains; There are other options as well.

Lenny Henry is a pretty good catch; He's a TV legend in the UK and seems like a genuinely nice guy. His loveable, upbeat persona is becoming synonymous with the brand, and this will do sales the world of good. Rivals would need to come up with something very innovative to top this coup; Maybe we will see screen legend Alan Rickman chilling out in a cheap double rooms. Perhaps not …

It does seem that cheap hotel chains are prepared to spend big to boost public opinion, but what about the serious business of the prices, the availability and the experience?

The stay needs to be comfortable, with great beds, good food and plenty of optional extras. Even though you are not staying at the New York Hilton, you want excellent value for money and a quality stay.

All the cheap hotel chain rivals have rooms that are extraordinarily good value for money, and many of the hotels are in great locations. The two main rivals tend not to tread on each other's toes, so the hotels are kept apart geographically.

There is always the other option of a good old British B&B. You can't beat a friendly, family atmosphere in a well-run and comfortable Bed and Breakfast, and some of the prices are actually fairly competitive.