Ridgeline prejudices: Extreme mountain adventures of the legendary and epic achievements

Where else can you find a western desert mountain legends, mystery and exquisite natural beauty that is simply unmatched? Only in a strange state of Arizona! Located near the metro Phoenix area, desert superstitions, consisting of approximately 160,000 acres, with & # 39 is home to the most magnificent landscapes and notorious attractions that are […]

Adventure hike "cataract Seven": mountain slide, study kanona Willow Canyon

Arizona – incredibly beautiful, wildly diverse state with relief from low levels of desert landscapes, to the highest mountain peaks and alpine forests. More than any other geological feature, Arizona is well-known for its many beautiful and remote rocky canyons, deep gorges, water falls and pools, which are scattered throughout the state. However, it seems […]

Try Adventure Rock climbing in Arizona: a hike to the top of the Browns, desert Four Peaks

With an average daily temperature of 110 degrees plus here in Phoenix every day, until the end of August the summer begins to be felt for a long time and extremely hot! I have been asked many times, how do you deal with the heat? Or popular, why would anyone want to live here, if […]

Wild adventure is expensive and unusual journey of cognac in the Garden of Eden

If it's a wild and strong beauty of the desert, from the bottom of the desert floor to the top of the mountains, Arizona surpasses them all! Known for its extremely high temperatures, only in Arizona, you can avoid the heat of the summer day, and explore one of the many remote desert canyons that […]