Arizona – Platfort samples Tara!

Neutral evergreen pine forest stands on the photo. The observer might suggest that it might be in Colorado, Europe, Alaska, or at least, if it was done in a large state of the Grand Canyon, then the leaves would be limited to some very distant isolated mountain top. This is not so, because in Arizona there are coniferous expanses stretching for hundreds of miles, including some very fantastic as the biotic community.

Photos photo detection script may include the location in Arizona. but it can not. However, most people never connect this kind of plants are. This local expansive part of the Earth's surface is well endowed with a variety of colorful displays that reflect most of the climatic, geological, biological and other bands that exist in all the other places around our fine planet.

There is the desert of the desert, who sing a song a huge exotic Saharan Africa, but the forests, which kind of shout "Schwarzwald"! In this state tucked subtropical meadows that echo the atmosphere of more than Equatorial located central African brothers. In addition, there are many other areas of piety, to experience an attack of human eyes of an adventurer or explorer heart!

If you do not have money to go to the Black Forest in southwest Germany, or planning a trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, stop at one of the magical glybinak Arizona, magnificent. foliage that fills the mountain ridges of the White and Blue, along with the powerful Alpine summit Eskudily. Tall straight pines, bright open field, similar to the massive front lawns, prevailing the old culture, a plurality of flow and calm waters, and the sounds of wildlife – it's just a few things that separate these two cute distant villages.

Both beautiful landscapes creates an interesting contrast with the height of the latitude and the like, caused by the relative cancellation of these factors. What can we say about the spectacular waterfall Tryberg? One word comes to my mind, Pacheta. Located deep in the thickly forested landscape, this cascading gem, far less than its cousin in Baden-Württemberg, but in itself a huge and equally inspiring.

Nowhere else in the world like the city not far from the described vertical lowering of water, but Gryr, Arizona, also shares this distinction. Like Tryberga, this small town lies between lush plantings coniferous and deciduous vegetation growing on the steep sides of the mountains in which they are embedded. Representation in a geographic region are not in the immediate vicinity, but the three glittering lakes are nearby. to this small hamlet.

Tsitsisey, yes, it's really written since, what is called the name of General Tito ancient Rome, which has passed through the region of about 41 AD. This deep blue body of water – a natural wonder of the world. See this probably will feel like living in a fantastic part of ancient history. State of the Grand Canyon also offers an exclusive combination of green and blue colors in the form of numerous lakes. One of these locations contains the records for both the highest recorded rainfall and most cold temperature. This gorgeous gem is on Holly Lake name. Two fantastic pools of approximately the same size, although different forms.

Be the Danube or the Small Colorado, wrinkled relevant examples of the crust created impressive watersheds. Spryngervil as Freiberg, offers itself as a portal to higher elevations, is densely packed forests beyond. Both tops tops is also a very lucrative ski resort. Bald Peak stands proudly at the top of their less famous contemporaries.

Residents of Arizona and Arizona Visitors can often meet this giant unspoilt, as people from the Black Forest make it a powerful Feldberg. they have Shluchzee, we have a lake Sunrise, they Mummelzee and Feld, we have lakes and Lee Valley Lake, the list goes on and on.

In our Aryzontsy has a "Black" forest here in our "White" sector of the mountains on earth. It really is a magical kingdom. However, in the real world is not black and white, so let's look at some more amazing potential directions of travel.

Have you ever wanted to look into the amazingly beautiful Serengeti plains without any danger associated with the presence of too many hungry large animals? Well, where else here in my sector of the Earth, only a few hundred miles form our "Black Forest" Sanoity plains and the valley of San Rafael, which together make up their own scattered savannah Saguaro State.

Although prangorn, mountain lions, wild animals and horses, preryynyya dogs, coyotes, and rare jaguar roam the areas that do not conclude even almost the same population density as the grasslands of Africa, hence the greater the chances of survival. A variety of birds, but often exceeds the plain continental plains. Unfortunately, here with a & # 39 appears and the occasional poacher.

Las Sinegas is reminiscent of the Serengeti, and it is almost South African south valley, named in honor of St. Raphael. In San Rafael grass grow many feet tall, which is enough to cover a person sitting or perhaps to disguise the presence of a predator, although, in contrast to the beautiful African plains, the incident with the wildlife are almost inaudible.

All Okolitsa observed mainly yellow soil uniformly flat coating collared hills covered with trees. These often lonely arbor changed to brilliant-green, rich color on the background of the summer rains. Hike in Kenya or Uganda will surely be incredible, but maybe for someone tighter budget this part of Arizona can be sure!

Arizona is well aware of the dryness, which covers the opposite horizons, but typically the big cities are associated or are very close to what is known as the zone of "Upper Sonora", which is more humid and slightly cooler than the lower altitude, the more arid lands to the south and west . Plant leaves scattering and temperature rise includes the degree of the Mojave Desert in Arizona within the south to the plains of cacti and Laposy, sinking further south into the desert of Sonora. Part of the desert Sanoranskay Asian region consists of a gentle arc shape, consisting of Kofy, Castle of the dome and the smaller accompanying satellite of the mountains in the North and West, as well as deserts and Hume Lechugulla and Mahakam valley in the south and east.

These fiery regions devoid of moisture, constitute areas that look like most people, because visually much closer to the typical environment of the desert, which is often represented by Hollywood of the American southwest.

Many areas located in the arid zone, with & # 39 are sand, like the mysterious north-eastern lands of the Navajo. The range has Cofala native stands of palm trees (which means King of Arizona (mine)). These hands clinging to the rocky mountain recess in the steep canyon walls, which are absent in almost all vegetation. These conditions are similar to those that are in the biggest hot desert in the world.

I always compare this range with much greater Agahar mountains in south-western Algeria, since they are both remote, dry and dull. Atlas Mountains of North Sahara favorably compared with Hualapai Mohave. Located on the shores of Lake Havasu, it is a place where the highest temperature in Arizona has been reached, the F 128 degrees, or 53 C. The climate here is largely reminiscent of another hot, more densely populated coastal sample civilization, Kuwait City. Water are refuge stukalnyh rays escape from Sol. For many people in the regions concerned, I am sure that the rest on the shoreline with a & # 39 is a key component for both economies. Bring your boat, post and network!

Water Colorado compete with any course of the Nile, which runs down on the ground, empty almost nothing but trees and bushes sometimes if you are lucky enough to find! Heat – this is what we, the natives of Arizona, too often take for granted, but it can also be protected. This toasted climate produces some of the most talk about plant species on the planet.

AZ provides a tapestry, fancy fabric unfamiliar and often distant exotic destinations. Sometimes the addressee is not at all. I believe that German Germans (Germans) were in place when they dubbed the campaign "to wander", as they often literally wandering will allow us to uncover the hidden wonders and intangible treasures! Of course, just go down the path, if it is allowed. Arizona, as nowhere else in the world, boasts a large nature delight, should respect, preserve and appreciate.

In the desert, it includes some of the most "uncivilized" components Arizona panorama of biotic communities. Why spend thousands in the Sahara, where we can spend maybe a hundred, and go to the Sonoran or Mojave?

Most Australian outback and Northwest Arizona spend too many parallels to describe in great detail right here, in this article, but I will list a few .. Among them, the Cat and the Uluru-Tyuta and Tse & # 39; Bies & # 39; Ndzisgaii ( "Olga", "Rock Eersa" and "Monument Valley" in their own language). Red resembled King's "Canyon" presents himself as much as the Canyon de Chelly advice of his own rich hues. This mystical land of reddish sands and ancient locals barren landscapes.

Desert Big Simpson, magnificent marvelous miraculous tiny red sand grain. I've been wanting to go there. When I first saw the pictures of Little Valley capital here in Arizona, I was stunned. Dunes dunes exquisite colors are quite similar to many parts of the Simpson. Earth "down under" and "top" Arizona – and sub & # 39; objective as possible relative to the other, as I laugh when someone is trying to talk about them as absolute. Both require attention, beauty ruddy cheeks!

This large division of land in the American Southwest also has a great history and mystery, and the history. Rumors of buried treasure, and lost a lot of guards. Stories of ghosts pierce the air of Arizona, the legendary medley of historical mythology. AZ is well known as much more than his unbeaten diverse landscape beauty, the cultural aspect too marker state, it is very difficult to weave.

The political establishment in the United States was already a great result obtained in the United States after the American War of land in Mexico. Later this much land has been added. Buying Gadsdena was selling a large part of the land to the south of the Gila River Government of Mexico. The land was purchased by the United States quickly and assimilated into the political departments such as Arizona and New Mexico, the majority of which was previously.

This application has made a massive province even more limitless. Living examples of the wide range of cultural influences from the & # 39 are the many powerful sovereign nation, which in some cases run tens to hundreds of thousands of members of tribes within Arizona. All of them make their homes on her soft, or, in many cases, in the more arid areas of the rock solid.

Spanish influence is also strong as omnipresent reminder of life in the political division, which defines a part of the international border. The essence of Mexico is everywhere. It's really educational and beautiful place in which to live or even visit sometimes.

Backpack back country – a paradise in front of your feet. I personally invested many hours of hiking and trekking in the desert of Arizona, although not as much as we would like in recent years. I plan to change at least in the near future, as beautiful almost endless piece of the earth's crust, which I resided beacons me to explore every nook and cranny, the Giants stand on the head without interference, but still bowing to the measure of a simple molecule. This is one example of many different incarnations of the nature of the mother!

No wonder the local magazine circulation in Arizona almost successful, it is very similar to the equivalent of the world's publications. Many photographers of international renown to share their work with any of these publications, sometimes with both.

If the visitor because of the scope of Tara influence chose a place to feel how much of the planet Earth has been around, noting that no area can not represent throughout the full & # 39; the volume, then the domain was named Arizona could easily imagine a viable avenue to achieve this goal!

on the largest American tour the Canyon by train

For this Western experience and a unique way to visit the Grand Canyon of America, travelers should sit on the rail road to the Grand Canyon for an exciting trip to the country's biggest canyon and take a step back in time when the track became the main way to travel.

Using the old GCR locomotives annually receives thousands of visitors from Williams, Arizona, in the biggest canyons of America.

All of the engines and machines have been carefully restored to create the atmosphere of a "step back in time" for travelers who may experience an old-fashioned train robbery and entertaining musicians who walk.

The original railway lines were built in 1901 and provide travelers with a round trip to pavmisyatsy with five levels or classes of service – the bus in the first place, the Dome, a luxurious interior and a luxury dome, whose prices range from $ 68 – $ 179 per person.

Those who work in the coach class, enjoy a ride in coaches era equipment with bench seating in classic vehicles with air conditioning 1950, which have large windows.

First class provides large, recumbent chairs, huge windows and a serving of fruit, pastries, coffee and juice.

Travel domed classroom allows the traveler to get a panoramic view of the old glass carriages, as well as snacks and sparkling wine.

The luxurious cabin, you will find comfort in the style of the living room, private cashier and rear access to the platform. The room has plush seats, large windows, snacks and sparkling wine.

A new level of service – a magnificent dome that combines the panoramic dome and interior wealth.

Before and after the tour, guests will also have the opportunity to stay in a 3-diamond hotel Grand Canyon Railway, which is reminiscent of age-old train depot, where the original hotel location.

Apart from a few numbers of rooms, visitors will find numerous amenities and dining.

Large park cycling roads of the Grand Canyon as a & # 39 is part of the railway property and includes 8 sites "buddies", 51 the opposite pad 65 transient sites, a full-service laundry, shop, pet shops, playground, sports facilities, wireless Internet and shuttle service to the depot.

Visitors waiting for a picnic pavilion, a gym, a café souvenirs, gift shop, swimming pool, fitness room and a show in the Wild West.

By tin there are several travel packages, and some of them can be configured to include a one-day tour of the canyon, the river swim and drive through wildlife park.

For this excitement make your next adventure ride on the train.

Ridgeline prejudices: Extreme mountain adventures of the legendary and epic achievements

Where else can you find a western desert mountain legends, mystery and exquisite natural beauty that is simply unmatched? Only in a strange state of Arizona! Located near the metro Phoenix area, desert superstitions, consisting of approximately 160,000 acres, with & # 39 is home to the most magnificent landscapes and notorious attractions that are located throughout the state of Arizona! And after a long, hot summer season with its extreme temperatures, the autumn months – a good time to exit and explore beautiful beautiful and breathtaking landscapes that are found only in the "Supes", and through a few basic paths you & # 39; ll discover a wide network among the best hiking routes State, including the legendary Ridgeline Superstition!

Christian march Superstition offers some of the most incredible and wonderful landscapes with ekspansiyanalnym views of the entire valley of the Phoenix on the one hand and extremely extremely difficult and the most brutal campaign. On the other hand, a beautiful and pristine prejudices. A truly incredible journey over the tops of the mountains of epic proportions, hike Ridgeline Superstition, without doubt, check your strength, stamina, endurance and courage, but in the end will give you a reward and pleasure from the fact that you are standing among the few highly respected and elite people, facing their fears and pushed themselves beyond their limits, to win the most incredible and dangerous adventure!

Thus, if you are an experienced, physically fit and advanced tourist, and you & # 39; you'll be prepared for a very difficult, dangerous, extreme hiking and extraordinary adventure mountain adventures of the legendary and epic achievements, I urge you to check Superstition hike the Ridgeline, in the desert of prejudice, Arizona.

As is clear, the night in the morning at about 5 am, I met with tourists and friends of the club foot TLC at venues around the US 60 in Gold Canyon, on the far east side of Phoenix, and 5:30 after the collection of all the members of our group of the fact that the campaign Ridgeline Superstition – is "one-sided" pedestrian path, we soon went to the organization of the necessary logistics for this adventure, dropping the shuttle cars Lost Lostmine Trailhead, where the day will end with a campaign to have the vehicles and wait for us in the afternoon. Throwing a few vehicles, we soon moved to the restaurant mountain camp, located near the National Park of the Lost Dutch and where, on the trail of Silla siphon drawing our current prejudices Ridgeline Hike and extreme adventure finally begin. !

It was 7:00 in the morning, when the sun begins to rise and massively strong that look mountains of prejudice, at first sight with started the journey of our day, when we went out on the trail paint siphon and began a steep and severe. under the & # 39; the volume to flat iron, climbing, climbing, directly on the hill, gaining approximately 2000 feet in just 3 miles, until finally, not down on the line and an approximate height of 4,600 feet to 8:45 am. Although Ridgeline prejudices can travel in any direction, from west to east, from east to west, our plan and strategy is to run a flat iron to get the maximum increase upland especially, when our energy was at the highest level, as well as the Sunset the sun in the west to back in the afternoon, when we made the steep and strenuous descent back down to the trail Carney Springs.

After a short break to relax, regroup and photos of members of the top, and wide open, quite spectacular desert landscape of prejudice in front of us, to 9:15, we turned left to pick up the trail and from there began a long, tense and treacherous journey along the ridge prejudices, which is also called "death march superstition", and we know why!

With saddles "Siphon-painting" and now on the ridge, the real adventure began when we started on a small silver loop, which started relatively smoothly and easily, but not so long. With a beautiful and expansive views of both the desert of superstition on the one hand, and the valley of Phoenix, on the other, we soon passed the canyon Monument to the right of us, and from there travel difficulties began suddenly increase when we were going back. and down, up and down again, combined with some enthusiasm, a carbine, always with beautiful and incredible scenery from one side to the other, which was absolutely amazing and impressive!

Now, when you come around until the morning and still have a good time, an incredible adventure continued when we moved down a narrow but well-defined ridge trail, and after the appearance of a less intense "classic walk along the ridge", still enjoyed from the beautiful species of Weaver & # 39; s Eagle and Desert prejudice to our left, we quickly passed Hog Canyon, and behind him a great hieroglyphic canyon to the right, immediately faced with a very steep and very dangerous ascent and karabitstsa, continuing straight down through the dangerous rocks. gutter and vyskalbavanymi knees, feet are worn at all suffocated after experienced some of the most intense, heavy and strenuous activities 3-4 climbing, that we've ever done before, and 12 hours later we finally got to the top of prejudices, on the platform . 5057 feet is the highest point in all the mountains of prejudice. Wow, what an incredible journey has been so far!

After arrival on the saddle, located at the base of the top, we enjoyed stopping for snacks and lunch and catching his breath again. However, while remaining well-known in our time, we took a break shorter and shorter, and while the other members decided on the top of the summit, we decided to press on, and now, with most of the heavy lifting behind us, we made our way along the base of the summit and began cool to go back down.

Now with absolutely breathtaking views of the needle in the needle and the four peaks in the distance, in the afternoon we were good when going on a long and rigorous journey, when we continued to search for a route and search for small stone Canaries to guide. and lead us on the path about about 14:15 pm, and a little over 7 hours of very intense and continuous trips we finally made it to the Western valunskaga saddles and mark critical for our trip to Carney Springs.

Once arrived in the West boulder-seat, we felt that this time our body fatigue really starts to engage. But after the last break we took a deep breath and jumped a few painkillers and his legs, feeling noodles, we have delivered one last group picture and made travel to Carney. Fortunately, in the last part of our adventure of the day, as well as all the loose rocks and terrain, we slowly and carefully watched the small rocky core and made their way along the extremely steep and dangerous, but it is absolutely chic trail Carney Springs, until finally, with our levels water now beginning to dwindle and feeling completely exhausted and tired, we finally went back down the canyon and then completed this incredible day and an incredibly extreme adventures on the trail Carney Springs, where our car would parked in between 3 to 4 pm.

In general, a strange and unbelievable adventure! Amazingly beautiful with spectacular scenery literally from start to finish and a real test of personal strength, fitness, endurance, and courage! With a total pedestrian by approximately 11.7 miles accumulated gain elevations of about 5,000 feet, and with a very heavy, very tense and dangerous class of 3-4 and climbing carabiner, we all agreed that the campaign Ridgeline Superstition was the most cruel and the most intense campaign that we have ever done before, as a club, and for the majority of the members of our group in this day we have successfully completed this legendary and epic adventure for 7-8 hours total hike time.

Without a doubt, the campaign Ridgeline Superstition – it really is an unforgettable and epic adventure, which is justified by its name and reputation and to remember. And for an amazing and wonderful group of tourists and friends of the club foot TLC, published in this day and pushed themselves beyond their limits, and have developed this extreme adventure and challenge, how to respect the achievement that will live on for years to come!

So if you re-experience, sporting and advanced tourist and you are ready to go out and face your fears and push themselves beyond their limits for this very complex, dangerous, extreme trekking and unusual suitable mountain peaks, legendary and epic achievement, I strongly I recommend you make sure the campaign Ridgeline prejudice to the desert prejudices, Arizona.

Pensiyanerskiya ministers who work in Yuma

Yuma, Arizona. In winter it is the best city in America with a year-round population of 50 000 and a winter population of 150 000. We with pensions, working at minimum, make it an obligatory stop every winter. If you want to make next winter more fun, come to us!

You do not win one! If you are traveling in peradgor & # 39; and Peradgor & # 39; I zvyazhatsesya Sheila Harvey for happy hour, you will be among the 10 – 25 other lows, each of the different places in life. We have a million former school teachers, a lawyer or two, some former nurses, truck drivers, waitresses, bartenders and someone with almost any other profession.

A brief tour of the city will show that Hume – a salad! Sur & # 39; ozna they argue that produce more than 90% of vegetable crops in the world! If farming is not your bag, go to the Arizona Territorial Prison, which is used in the late 188's. Think, to be kept from eight to a small cell, with imperatsyi 110's. Make a wish to return to the farm!

I enjoy boating? You can take a sightseeing boat or up or down the Colorado River. Upstream you will find works of Indian and old mining sites. Downstream is a tour of the RV Park
river, castles and platinum, which share water for the rural economy of Arizona, Mexico and the city of Yuma.

Still want to explore? A trip to the quartz in January and February will surprise you. This old village with a population of less than 1000 people extended to the city with hundreds of thousands
while rock-Hunt.

Located in Yuma, I recommend you see Sheila lease space in a beautiful area Peradgor & # 39; and. Some great previous owners of a few hundred hectares trusted them and dictate that each party was surrounded by Spanish brick wall was paved a certain kind of white rock and was carried out to connect with at least three wheels on each batch. We are all trying to find a place next to each other and we really enjoy the social life.

Without doing more than adequately, I think that the Mexican city Algadones (south of Yuma) with & # 39 is the best of the border towns, especially if you need a low-cost eye care, dentistry or medicine.

Come to us! The water is great! We will look for you next time, happy!

View of Goblin – Alpine, Arizona

If you go south from the US 191 (formerly US666) in the Alps, your eyes will almost immediately be attracted to South Mountain (look for the cell phone tower). Beautiful rocky Agol, which is located near the saddle north – Late point – the height of 9261 & # 39; This hike will take you to a form close to the south of the point Gobbler, which may open the most beautiful views of the Alpine valley.

The intersection of US191 / 180 go south on 191, in the side of the meadows Hanahan. You will be traveling on the road and after 3 miles, on your right will be Forest Road 403. Take the road 403 to the south mountain, this beautiful passage and a steep climb! At mile 3.3 you will see road 403H, which will take you to the tower South Mountain cell phone. Continue past 403 hours for two more quarters, at a distance of 3.5 km you will see a small meadow on the north (right) with a lot of places to a & # 39; to go off the road and park. Look clogged the old logging road – it's your nemarlivaya head traces on N3349.770 & W10910.450 – height 9455 & # 39;

This route, rather than trail – although the first quarter-mile goes by an old overgrown logging road. Forestry road looks on a small meadow with a large number of stones the size of tires. At this point you will feel the "rim" mountains to the north. The route up to the point Gobbler goes through the "saddle" to the point – stay high and do in the north-west direction. After a couple of hundred yards you will choose the path of a single moose, broken through the years, the elk migrate through the area. After 300 yards you will come to a small point with a steep 40-descent descent. Follow the trail of elk on a steep hill. At the bottom of the hill, turn again to the northwest, continue to go on an elk trail and stay high in the saddle. The path will be curtailed to the north and you will see a rocky outcrop, is a & # 39 is a view Gobbler Point. N3350.065 & W10910.335 – height 9350 & # 39;

From the point of view of Gobbler Point offers spectacular views of the Alpine Valley (historically named Bush Valley) and Williams Valley to the west. You may notice the twin sisters next to Turner Peak in the northeast, which is located near the border in New Mexico. You can also make out the distinctive double hump mountain Eskondyda in the same direction, about 80 miles. On a clear day you can also see the mountain Allegro in the north-east, which is close to the P-Town, State mm. On view there are a few flat stones to relax feet and do decorations. It is also a great place for a picnic – no one ever goes there! The path to a point overlooking Gobbler – just over half a mile and an easy 20-minute hike – although you spent an hour just pravovshysya in the views!

GPS data is set to WGS84 date.

Author Note: Scale item was devastated 538,000 acres fiery wormwood (summer 2010). In this area, hot fire, and only a few trees left alive. The area will likely be closed for years. Shafts fire was the largest fire in Arizona history and burned 850 square miles. The author lost his home and two companies of the irresponsibility and negligence of the National Team Apache Forest farm. The author lives 300 miles from the southern edge of the Grand Canyon.

Adventure hike "cataract Seven": mountain slide, study kanona Willow Canyon

Arizona – incredibly beautiful, wildly diverse state with relief from low levels of desert landscapes, to the highest mountain peaks and alpine forests. More than any other geological feature, Arizona is well-known for its many beautiful and remote rocky canyons, deep gorges, water falls and pools, which are scattered throughout the state. However, it seems to me even more amazing is that many of these beskanalistyh canyons of the desert can be accessed on the "non-technical" hiking route of the canyon, which do not require ropes and are literally in a day trip or from Phoenix, or with Tucson. When you expect more exciting and unusual tasks and scenic day trip, then take a mountain slide, hike to kanyaning seven cataracts, as well as explore the Canyon Verba, Tucson, Arizona for a lovely day trip in late summer and march on the day of early autumn.

In a festive day of work and Sunday morning I left Phoenix, about 6 in the morning, went out of the city to the east I-10 and arrived in Tucson until 7:30 am. At the exit from the road Inna I & # 39; driving the motorway and with the & # 39; went to the left, rushing to the east 8 miles, and met with a pedestrian group TLC, which was led and organized by Eric Kinneman, the resort Vestyn La Paloma and arrived at 8 morning. Since this campaign was limited parking on the trail, we collected it in the car and went to a day hike and travel in the direction of the east on Sunrise Boulevard. until 8:25 am.

Beautiful travel on Sunrise Boulevard through the northern areas of Tucson and on the slopes peradgor & # 39; pits luxurious Santa Catalina Mountains have always been my favorite. Mount Santa Catalina – the highest mountain range in Tucson, which reaches a height of 9157 feet at the very top of Mount Lemon. To reach slednay pad for a hike, we zigzaem of Tucson, moving east from Las sunrise to Lebedinay road, turn right (south) to the River Road, turned left (east), then right on Sabino Canyon Road, on the left on the road to Tank Verde and headed east on the Road Tan Verde, until we reached the Catalina highway, also known as "colorful hill Mount Lemon," and then turned left again.

After turning left onto freeway Catalina was about 4 miles or so to get into Coronado National Forest and start winding ascent into the bitter mountains of Santa Catalina. Although I was late, I'm still amazed at how beautiful and lush with a & # 39; is this drive. Immediately when you walk up on the hill, starting at 3000 feet, views are absolutely breathtaking at every hairpin curve switching and offering new and amazing rock formation or gorgeous spectacle Canyon in the distance. If you love to stop and take pictures a lot, as I always like, you have a lot of opportunities, because this disc offers a variety of reviews, to enjoy along the way. However, about 5 km from the point of view of the canyon by Molina, there is a pay station, where you have to buy road pass in the day in the national forest Karonada for $ 5 if you plan to stop somewhere down the road. We purchased the passage of the day, one in the vehicle and drove another three miles, until we reached a point "Seven Vista cataract", close to the peak of "Thimble Peak Vista" and about at around 8 miles and about 1/3 of the way to Mt. . lemon

We went to the point of "Seven Vista cataract," and our trail, parked and started on the day of hiking and trekking on kanyaner before 9am. View down to the bottom of the Canyon Verba was absolutely beautiful, but also incredibly cool! Right from the beginning, getting into the Canyon Willows on this path "daily use" was, to put it mildly, intense. It is estimated that approximately 1000-1300 feet descent straight down with a 60% level of all loose dirt, gravel and stones, each of us had to literally get down on the ground on our "examples" and from section to section, slide it down on for about ¼ mile, until we got to the bottom. Which site was seen as really exciting and lots of fun! However, this "informal" way, which is used mainly experienced kanyanery estimated very difficult, some say even treacherous or dangerous, so I would not recommend doing this hike on their own, if you are not an experienced tourist kanon or do not have experience Kanon hike with you.

After we safely slid down and hit the bottom, and after a quick group photo, Eric began to lead a group of exploration kanonera down to Willow Canyon, karabitstsa, jumping from boulders and Class 3, making their way through a partially delivers water. Really stunning and spectacular views down too! We went on for about a mile, where we reached really beautiful fall and enjoyed the opportunity to cool down, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet beauty of this remote and less known kanona desert. Meanwhile, Eric, along with several other adventurous participants drove for another 1/3 mile, and after even greater scandal skakaniya boulders and 3-4 lifting class, has reached a luxury water falling 100 feet and a large opening for diving deeply enough, he said, that even if dismount with a 10-meter cliff, they could not hit bottom! Amazing!

About an hour break, we decided it was time to go back. Now it's time for the most difficult part of our adventure kayak to get her back! So we began our hike through the Canyon Willows in the same way, when we came, scrambling, skakayuchy of boulders, wading pools for, and then climbing back on the water. It took only a short time, although in a few minutes we all made it safely back to the base of the hill and we had originally "slipped" past. It was here that we met with Eric, and then split into two groups. You can decide either to make the climb to the very place where you are descended from the difference of 60% on all the loose dirt and gravel, where Eric said it was for every 3 steps up bitterly at one or two years ago. Or my friend Dan decided that it looks as if you've raised it a little further to the left, you could easily climb over them on the rocks and the rock and to the top. Thus, I, along with several other members followed Dan and handed leg, we climbed slowly and carefully through it, by section, until we safely got to the top. Wow, for me and the one who is afraid of height and does not experience rock climbing, it was difficult, but also a lot of fun and incredible!

Returning to the top and parked Seven Vista cataract, we waited until the final participants will return safely, and then to 12:15 pm we were back in their cars to drive the rest of the way to Mount Lemon for lunch in the restaurant of iron doors. View along the way was spectacular again, if you prabiraetsesya from 5,000 feet to the height of Mount Lemmon Sky Valley, near the height of approximately 8,200 feet. Although prykmety devastating fire in 2003 were visible on an aspen, he was still very beautiful, but the temperature is still day low to mid-80s and very cool and refreshing.

However, later 2.5 hours in the restaurant, due to the fact that it's the weekend and holiday, we decided that the best way to turn around and come back.

We came back to Tucson about 14 pm, and after a great dinner at a small restaurant called Organic Oven Rene on the Road Tan Verde, in 16 hours we returned to the resort Westin La Paloma Resort, which came to those of us who are just that went down to this day. , From there he returned to Phoenix to return to the house about the evening.

In general, it is really unusual kanyaning-exploration and adventure hiking waterfalls with pedestrian group TLC, thoroughly researched, well designed and thought out to the smallest detail by Eric Kinnemanam. Indeed it had it all, strangely beautiful, exciting, but also very difficult. I think this campaign is better to summarize, although his own words Eric Kinemana in which he is quoted as saying. "Seven cataract vadaspadnyh hikes – a wonderful hike, which I highly recommend people to take This will check your fears, will give you an incredible workout and spend your through magnificent canyons, and a 100-foot waterfall and swimming, which rarely sees. What can ask anybody! "

Diving in Hawaii: Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor – not the first place that most divers think about SCUBA diving in Hawaii. Bay Hanauma, Kaneohe Bay, Maui or Mokakai very famous and popular.

The wall of Pearl Harbor – a tropical swimming in the best forces. It is easy and pleasant dive. You can scuba diving on the surface or SCUBA dive to 60 feet. This is a good dive for beginners.

The real attraction of Pearl Harbor for me to & # 39 is the historical debris from the attacks of the Second World War, the Japanese fleet.

I was lucky that I could spend a couple of months on Oahu in 1983. There I studied at the Navy school SCUBA.

While I was at school a lot of time spent in the water, I did not see much. We spent most of the training in the castles on the basis of the submarine. The water was muddy, and the surface was thick, and Alyson outflow stemmed from the oil.

We actually had to clean the powder Comet to get the oil, when we came out of the water.

A real pleasure for me was when I did not go out of service and was able to explore the harbor and the rest of the Aahu. Of course, my first trip was in Hanauma Bay, which was impressive.

I stayed in the barracks on Ford Island. It did not take long to learn that I could easily explore the harbor around the island.

USS Arizona – the most famous wreck in the harbor, and there is a beautiful memorial erected over the wreck. I could not resist the investigation, since it was so close to the shore of Ford Island. Of course, I stayed away, when guided tours were conducted.

I felt a little overwhelmed and terrible. As a diver, the thought of being trapped under water until the air is over, especially scary. God bless those brave souls who lost their lives that day.

Utah is equally close to the shore of Ford Island on the opposite side. I spent more time in Utah than any other crash. It was not so well-known, and there is much less traffic.

To date, the Pearl Harbor worked many dive charters. Unfortunately, you will not be able to investigate these memorials like me. And that is as it should be. But you can see a lot of historical debris elsewhere harbor.

It is not necessary to limit yourself to the harbor. Around the island a lot of historical fragments. There suffered shipwreck Mahi or YO257 ship. There is a plane Corsairs Second World War, and the history that the pilot survived and lives on Malakai.

There are thousands of options for SCUBA diving in Hawaii. If you go to the beaten path, you just might be surprised. And please take the time to visit the memorial in Arizona and pay their respects.

Try Adventure Rock climbing in Arizona: a hike to the top of the Browns, desert Four Peaks

With an average daily temperature of 110 degrees plus here in Phoenix every day, until the end of August the summer begins to be felt for a long time and extremely hot! I have been asked many times, how do you deal with the heat? Or popular, why would anyone want to live here, if you so hot? I usually answer, “Well, at least you do not have to shovel the heat!” Indeed, even in the middle of August here in Phoenix, you can go outside and warm at all times, because here in Arizona, it’s so wonderful diverse that you will be surprised when you discover if you love the street, as I do that there is always something new, fun and adventure, to see, to study here at any time of the year! In Arizona, a huge desert landscape, vertical canyons and bitter mountain ranges and peaks, there are many beautiful places to go out on trips, but also offers a lot of interesting places to go and experience the adventure of mountaineering! For a cool break from the summer heat and very scenic hike average, only a short distance from the Phoenix area, with the possibility also to experience an exciting and thrilling rock climbing and round dance adventure, then you definitely want to check out the way the Browns Peak and apex at the top, the desert four tops Phoenix, Arizona.
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Having lived in Arizona for over 20 years, I have always heard about the top four and the top four desert, but there had never been. So when I saw that hiking group TLC, which was led and organized by Eric Kineman, planned to hike and get to the top of Brown’s Peak, in the desert four peaks to the east of the Phoenix, I thought, wow, that going to be a really nice and pleasant campaign! However, for the top, I was not exactly sure about this part.
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But I would subscribe to the campaign and a beautiful Saturday morning in late August, I met with Eric Kinnemanam and a group of campaigns to TLC Casino Fort McDowell, and to 6.30am we packed our small group and were on the road on our way Four peaks in the desert. Of Fountain Hills and the Fort McDowell Casino we hung left onto Route 87, also known as the Beeline Highway, heading east until you reach number 203. At mile marker 203 miles, but before mile marker 204, the right of the sign for the top four, we turned right onto a forest road 143.
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18 kilometers of all expelled from FR 143 mud was absolutely spectacular! Wow, gorgeous scenery and mountain views for miles and miles around you slowly padymaetsesya and inflated way with a height of about 2000 feet from the floor of the desert, up to 5700 feet as soon as you reach the base of the trail. I believed that describe road conditions FR 143, which I read in the references and resources provided for the campaign to be very accurate. It is traversed by the way, but sometimes it is somewhat uneven. Overall, I thought it was not very bad, but I will certainly back up their recommendations, although either have a 2-car truck or 4-cotton car to safely make this drive.
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About an hour “off road” we reached the landmark nature of the Four Peaks Wilderness, where we made a pit stop and relish the opportunity to get out and stretch his legs for a few minutes. Before 7:45 am, we met again and were ready to move on. After reaching the ridge in a short way down the road, we hung a very sharp turn to the right hand at the sign for the lone pine trail and FR 648. From there it was just a mile or so, maybe less than that, we have finally reached a large area parking and a lonely pine trails, 5,700 feet in height, and the starting point of today’s hiking adventure. flights
By 8:15 am, and all willingly profit and ready to go, Eric quickly began his march, going to Brown Peak Way, number 133, and each of us quickly followed him. The temperature was absolutely perfect, low 80 ° C, with a light breeze to keep cool when we made our way through the magnificent pine trees and forest trees.
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We continued to the origin of its straight forward at Brown peak-track, which quickly merges and becomes amethyst path, trying to keep up with Eric and stay together as a group. Views from all sides were absolutely spectacular, and I could not help but stopped making as many pictures as I could from all the spectacular scenery! From the edge of the trail, looking east, you see a beautiful lake at the bottom of Roosevelt. Gorgeous! Then little ways further up the trail, looking to the west, you will see a breathtaking view of the mountains of prejudice in the south-west and north-west, on the southern mountains and mountains Mazatal McDowell, as well as the entire area of ​​Phoenix !. Absolutely beautiful! The higher you, the more spectacular species. Amazing!
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Two miles and a height of about 1,000 feet, we reached a part called a saddle or base-Brown Peak is now the height of about 6,700 feet, along with my good friend Dan and other comrades TLC campaign named Pam. Here you can independently decide to stop, or try to push, but if you choose to continue, going half a mile away to the top of the take-off becomes a Class 4 and is rated as very difficult.
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I took one look down, and then looked directly at the talus and said: “No way, I am very afraid of heights and falling, and had no previous experience of climbing, I thought it better that I stop there.” . But Eric, as the rest of the group, click the first “scree” (vertical slope consisting of loose stones and boulders, forming gullies or “trough” as it is called, and the way in which it will be possible to get to the top you need to ), then to an even greater head “shower”, which jumped on the ridge, he said.
Then, without signs of traces of traces, they have risen the last 75-100 feet, and about that time, until they reached the top of Brown’s Peak and altitude 7657 feet and the highest heights in the whole area of ​​Phoenix. Wow! And 360 species there, at the top, absolutely spectacular!
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But the adventure did not stop there, and now it’s time to rise and adventure ago. After half an hour of rest, fascinated by the view and the cool temperature at the top, they decided to go back again and started to make the descent. Meanwhile, back at “base camp”, I, along with my friend Dan, another campaign TLC, rested, took pictures and enjoyed the incredible species, while we waited for all of them come down, “Strait”, at least, we thought.
However, they decided not to try to “debris” back to the time when we finally hear their voices again, they headed east. We looked up and first saw Eric, then one by one we saw them jump from a cliff top in the field of 8-10 feet tall, bent oak trees and thick brush from the bottom, where they literally were “nailed to the trees,” this ” one barrel at a time, until they were safe did not return to the bottom.
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It was very fun to watch, because where we were, because all you saw were the trees that are entangled here and there, and this thick vegetation rustling and bend thus, and finally, we saw their heads start to jump! and look at their faces as hysterical! But, fortunately, all voluntarily adpustsilisya and after a quick photo in the group after 12pm we walked down to the lone pine garden, waiting to come the rest of the group. They began to adjust to each other, and the final participants We arrived at 12:45. But they told us what happened with dignity.
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Apparently, a large boulder was thwarted, that is a real danger skalalazhennya, and began to roll right in my way. Unfortunately, one man could not get out of the way fast enough, and he rolled over her hand and broke two fingers!
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All in all, it was another great hiking and adventure day trip, I found it very well researched, planned and organized by Eric Kinnemanam from a group of campaigns TLC. Although I never made it to the summit, it was still a great experience for me, because I’m really inspired right now to take a beginners course of rock climbing and might also join a local rock climbing.
gym also so I could learn some basic technical skills the next time. Climbing, as I said – a great way to overcome your fear of heights, and create a strong hand, which you did not know, and be able to get out and explore the many new places in this.
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strange Arizona. So for a cool break from the summer heat, which is a short distance from the Phoenix area, whether you are looking for a scenic, but the average level of the campaign, or if you are going to a big task and an exciting and thrilling adventure of rock climbing and terrible life, then you will definitely want to make sure that you read Brown’s Peak trail and hike to the top of a desert Four Peaks, Phoenix, Arizona. I think we can all agree: it was a really enjoyable day and gorgeous hike to get to the top, the strange impression that no one will win quickly and do not forget!
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Wild adventure is expensive and unusual journey of cognac in the Garden of Eden

If it's a wild and strong beauty of the desert, from the bottom of the desert floor to the top of the mountains, Arizona surpasses them all! Known for its extremely high temperatures, only in Arizona, you can avoid the heat of the summer day, and explore one of the many remote desert canyons that are only available with 4-wheel drive and enjoy the "non-technical" kanyaningam; boulder, jump, move and swim on a cool and refreshing natural swimming pool, making for an unusual adventure and day retreat, which is simply unbeatable!

West Clear Creek is described by the US Forestry as "one of the most reliable and remote canyons in northern Arizona." Stunningly beautiful canyon desert, West Clear Creek offers a variety of deep natural pools, surrounded by multi-colored narrow stone walls that are sure to cool you off on a hot summer day. However, the most exciting of all that is known only to the locals for many years, and a reward for the daily adventure of kanyaningu through West Clear Creek pools, you'll be surprised to find in Arizona Garden of Eden, the Hanging Gardens!

So if you are looking for a retreat and a great way to escape the heat, and you'll be ready for the rough and wild desert roadside and exciting, but really extraordinary kanonirnay travel to Arizona & # 39; s hidden paradise garden, then I highly recommend checking out the hike to Hanging Gardens, in the beautiful desert of West West Creek, Strawberry, Arizona!

Starting early in the morning of the weekend in the beginning of August, I went to a meeting place, in the extreme north-east of Phoenix, where I joined the friends-friends and friends of TLC hiking club, local tourism and outdoor recreation. Eric Kineman. After all arrived and prepared for the long days and intense journey, which was to come, we got a briefing, including safety and recommendations at the last minute, and then excitedly danced in our cars and were ready to go on an adventure that we & # 39 ; d all been waiting for, the Hanging Gardens of West Yas Creek!

Heading north on Highway 87, we sneaked into the city Payson until about 7 am, then continued heading north on 87 Payson, until they reached the mine 2.5 miles highway intersection 260. After a quick stop to regroup all our members, we are back our machines and with Eric Kinnemanam turned right onto a forest road 144, and prepared for the fact that papyarezhvalasya a very rough and wild adventure on 4 wheels! And so it really was!

Turn right on the dirt road all, FR 144, and, pausing to regroup again, we slowly began their journey to the east. Upon arrival at the end of FR 144, we continued to left on FR 149, left to right, FR142, then to the right at 142 142A. One after another, we are very slowly and cautiously made their way on this extremely rough roads and wilderness nakruchvayuchysya around forest trees and brushes, as well as over large rocks and boulders. Please note, all of these groundwater forest roads are extremely rough and rugged, and require a good vehicle for 4-wheel drive, not just the HCV, because as a result of recent rains that hit the area, we are on the road collided with a very deep and completely gutted, muddy pool! Fortunately, all this is done properly, do not zatsyknuvshysya vehicles, but th, which is incredibly beautiful road has been so far!

Make the last turn on the FR 142J, we walked about 9.9 miles, and an hour and 20 minutes – all safe until the end of the road and was relieved to return on a trail. Finally, by 9 am we reached West Clear Creek and our destination, we parked, pulled out a pack and outfit, and then gathered together on the edge of the cliff to wait for rest of group members. There, at the top and on the outskirts of West Yas Creek Canyon, I stopped for a few short minutes to look around and take some pictures of amazing and beautiful desert landscape around. How incredibly remote, rugged and untouched region was this and how lucky we feel it. It was an incredible day and a wonderful adventure, and we were all very impatient and excited to start!

After collecting all for a few group shots, it is time to begin our adventure in the canoe! Starting from the trail to the top of the cliff and with Eric Kinemanam, one by one, we began making their way down into a beautiful canyon bottom. Traveling down to the bottom of the West Kayryn Creek Canyon just started with a steep decent straight down about 867 feet down a narrow but well-marked trail. With lots of loose stones and gravel, it was a busy road around the way that many have decided to do, down to the ground and sliding on it, rather than risk the slippery and dangerous fall.

Successfully reaching the bottom of the West Yasry Creek, I looked down into the canyon, where to go, and saw how beautiful the place was, as the sun's rays illuminated the tall, amber-colored stone walls. It was just amazing! I did some quick pictures and then quickly returned to the others. Hence, on a deep and cool, ground floor of the canyon our kanyaning quickly began with the boulder, leaping many large rocks and boulders short paths, until we came to our first pools. Only knee deep, we quickly got into the water and jumped boulder, fingered and squirting us through the first few sets of pools.

Until now, most at least I get to the first basin and has sat on this gorgeous canyon with a deep and long pools, closely surrounded by a high, beautifully rounded and narrow rock walls, an area commonly referred to as "white box" Western clear cry. With all our gears, packed in dry bags and together with our devices flotatsyi, we slowly swam from one steep refreshing pool to the other, down the gorgeous canyon, and when I went to do as many photos as I could, the scenery was absolutely amazing and exciting !

After a brief stop for a fun and exciting "rope on the rope" kanyaningu incredible adventure through a beautiful white box and the narrowness of the West Yas Creek continued when we went carefully on wet and slippery rocks and boulders, constantly taking in luxury. While we swam another refreshing pool to the other, to our surprise, in these basins was also a lot of good-sized crabs! Reaching about so far and the upcoming summer heat of the day, our journey by canoe continued when we moved slowly through a deep pool to the next.

Eliminated already noon, after about 12 pools and nearly 3 hours of intensive kanyaningu, I started to feel a bit tired and exhausted. Thinking that I would not be able to get through another pool, we went around the last bend and noticing how green riparian vegetation, we came out of the water and looked up; we finally arrived in a remote and hidden, the Hanging Gardens! Wow, it was indescribable! We went into this very lush, green, similar to the garden garden, first passing by a beautiful waterfall, which poured over a high cliff above, then move on and right to left, there was the Hanging Gardens, a beautiful cascading waterfall, elegantly digging over thick girlish hair ferns and vines, and wow, what an incredible and amazing sight! I could not believe my eyes. What is unique, remote, and really special place, this "Garden of Eden" and Remote "oasis" just desert epic proportions! This place, the Hanging Gardens, was just an unusual and much more than I even imagined!

Now, most of our group and the friends got up again, we took a break, lunch, did some more jumping rope, and still having fun to spend time together, taking a lot of photos and video, trying to capture every moment that we can from this incredible place. However, it was about 12:30, and in the afternoon a warm day, one by one, we started to make a long and strenuous hike back through the many deep pools and a narrow white-box West Clear Creek, where stands the stone walls that sparkle south sunbeam, made adventure trip to cognac even more lush and spectacular every moment of the way!

He had already reached the late afternoon and once made his way through the latest pool, and then, returning to the height of 867 feet to the top of the cliff and we were completely exhausted and very hot. But Wow, what a strange incident was! It was around 15:00 when we most of all, finally reached the summit, and again was the trail, where we parked, ending day of adventure on kanyaningu according to our GPS, 4.7 km – a trip that we have completed about 6 0 hours.

From here we are back to our 4-round discs and prepared for the rough and wild way back. Miraculously, only one tire blows for the entire group, and up to about 16.30, we finally arrived safely on the main highway again, ending the adventure on the road according to our statistics, held at 19.9 miles on a round trip from what was absolutely some of the most rigid, rigid and wildest of dirt roads on which we, as a group, have ever gone before! Wow, what an incredible adventure!

All in all, a truly memorable day and epic, strange adventure in the desert, which has been well studied, planned and coordinated by Eric Kinnemanam walking club with TLC. So, if you're ready for the rough and wild desert roadside and hard, complicated, but really unusual kanyanerskay journey to the oasis of the desert, which is really a & # 39 is the Garden of Eden, be sure to check out the hiking the Hanging Gardens. , In beautiful desert West Clear Creek, Strawberry, Arizona!

Choosing a golf resort

Golf resorts in Arizona Grand Canyon define the entire length of the state, making it one of the best options for people who want to spend a nice holiday with your family & # 39; it. However, with more than 300 golf courses and resorts in Arizona Choosing the right one a bit more complicated, especially for those who can go to this part of the country for the first time.

On the & # 39; being a desert state, Arizona provides at least 300 days of sunshine every year. One is just enough for amateurs and professional golfers to go to Arizona golf resorts. However, the sunlight, live in Arizona some of the country's best golf resorts. Then again, the fact that the "best" can vary depending on what the person looks. In any case not such people are considered the following resorts as some of the best in Arizona.

1. Grand Arizona Arizona – For golfers the golf course in the style of the link – this is a task for those who want to improve their game, while the magnificent and calming view of the park Sound Mountain can wash away the disappointment and stress. On the other hand, non-golfers can spend a quiet weekend in the Athletic Club, while the kids can enjoy the Wild Cat Spring. Indeed, in this Arizona golf resort has something for everyone.

2. The Boulders Resort and Spa Golden Door Spa. If the idea of ​​a beautiful golf course has a huge desert rock formations in the background, this golf resort in Arizona – the right choice. Boulders can boast two of the best golf courses in the south-west, and the best services for tourists. Playing tennis, shopping, relaxing in the spa and dinner – these are just some things you can do at the resort, which has nothing to do with golf.

3. The Phoenician – Luxury – is one word that best describes fenikiytsa. Three different courses of the nine-hole golf course, a beautiful view of the desert Sanoran, golf shop with everything you need, and exercises. These and much more – this is what you can get when visiting the Phenicia. Indeed, if there is one place that can be golf resorts in Arizona, it fenikiytsa.

There are many other great options for players as well as for golfers. Internet – is a gold mine of information for the best that the state can offer. If you select one seems difficult, it just means that every golf resort in Arizona just as good as the next.