5 compulsory subjects for the trip to the river on a hill country in Texas

Collecting final trips on the river in the Texas Hill should be a blast. Because much of our life is surrounded by hard concrete jungle of today's large cities, the opportunity to make a soothing trip on the river – a great way to recharge the batteries.

However, before you go out in nature, it is important to think about what you need to pack for the trip. You can not take anything you want or need. Otherwise, you would have weighed all the extra stuff. However, you can bring the right things to make sure you have a good trip, which will keep the pleasure in the forefront. Here are five things that should be on your packing list, if you install the tubing in Texas hill country:

1. Sunscreen – sunlight applied suras & # 39; serious damage to your skin if it is not protected. A few dollars to have a good sunscreen and reapply during a trip through the tubes, it is a simple matter, which pays for itself with the peace of mind perspective. Do not be caught in the majesty of the State Park Garner in Konkan, Texas, but nothing protects you.

2. Spray against mosquitoes – stay down pipe can mean the river for a few hours, so the ability to continue to avoid mosquitoes is vital for a good time. Also, if you decide to make a trip to Utopia Park Utopia, Texas for the annual Festival of Fireworks July 4, for example, the content of mosquitoes at bay would be ideal, as long as you enjoy the bright and beautiful night in Texas.

3. First Aid Kit – most of all, you will be traveling with the family & # 39; it, or friends. Assign someone to have a first aid kit. You can even do it yourself and include basics such as bandages, alcohol wipes, antybiotychny gel and, if possible, an extra arrow from allergies.

4. Compass / Map / GPS – depending on when you go on a trip, you can find a lot of traffic, which significantly lost. However, to be able to keep track of where you are, may be important in the event that something happens. Another reason to know where you are, it may be due to the fact to remember about the land in which you are. Natural maple land lost in the state of Uvalde, Texas, known for its beauty, but visitors are asked to stick to the marked trails of the inherent dangers of the terrain. Walk on exposed sites may also cause damage to klonavyh trees that give the area its name.

5. Rescue Jacket – Perhaps the most important item that you need to carry – is a rescue jacket. All concerned, as it can give them an uneven tan. Others believe that the water is not so deep. The fact remains that life jackets save lives. Uvalde County tourism website has a direct link with the site of the United States Geological Service with respect to the water level to check ahead of time. Sometimes it is more important to be safe than to be cool.

A little common sense can go a long way when planning a trip on the river in the Texas Hill country. As with any trip outdoors planning smart and keep safety as your first priority.

Wanderlust: The intention of the desire to travel

Wanderlust – it's intense desire and willingness relentless potency, which would seem to pull the whole reality. This is an intolerable frustration finally motivates you from the movement into action and leads to the most life experiences that change lives.

People who do not travel, do not want to be tied to one place. They are not comfortable in one environment. They want to wander from one place to another. This restlessness encourages them to explore and adhere to the aspirations of the heart, which is to find a means of escape, if they are caught.

Those who wanders, always strive for variations, no matter what they do, trying to get the last thrill of the current environment. Obviously, these things with & # 39 are the basis of traveling. There are times when other people simply do not understand their desire to escape. Desire mistaken with the desire to completely leave civilization. This desire to travel the world – is to connect, explore and accept the changes. As we know, global study – one of the greatest ways to meet people who have similar interests.

Planning a trip is difficult, if all efforts go. But wandering change them, it's hard, and it can often provide sur & # 39; a serious impact on the way they live their lives. Small things here and there become trivial. You equate the cost of a new pair of shoes or a new sweater to how many extra days you could travel.

This can be either by bus, and ride the train to try the water in the dark. This is important for any potential traveler, so how do they know whether they will be cut out for a life in the journey. If they do not panic when they feel lost or have no signal on your phone, they just flow with it. They are nomads through.

They feel at home wherever they go. They can easily fit into place, regardless of country, language and culture, because when you wander, their minds are opened and everything gets them all. They are very open and can easily adapt to changes. They delighted even at the slightest mention of a pleasant place on the north or south. They could not sell this world, because the world gave it to them in the first place; gift WANDER.

Grand Canyon in the summer season musonskim

Every year, from July to September, the monsoon season, the Great down to the Grand Canyon West, creating a spectacular thunder and lightning storm that ganaryli travelers for many years. Of course, there are risks associated with lightning. However, if you follow a few precautions, you will experience a safe one of the best natural "fireworks" on the planet.

The word "monsoon" in Arabic means "season". It was first used to describe the winds over the Arabian Sea, which blow half of the south-west, and then switched direction and blowing to the northeast in the second half. Europe, Africa and the west coast of Chile and the United States are experiencing monsoon season.

Monsoon that arrives in Arizona, not like the one that drench India, for example (in fact, Arizona is quite marginal, dropping an average of 2.45 inches of rain in three months), and a & # 39 is the result of cool air from the sea Cortez and the Gulf of Mexico meets the hot air of the desert, to create a thunderstorm. Officially monsoon begins when the average dew point is 55 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

It is important that travelers to West Rome remembered the storm – it's lightning, and the rule: that's when you hear thunder, lightning is near. Here are some tips if you get stuck in a storm:

  1. If a thunderstorm is nearby, stay in the room or sitting in a vehicle (not a convertible).
  2. Do not use cell phones
  3. If you are outdoors, avoid isolated trees or poles. Don is not on the open hilltops. Seek shelter under a thick growth of small trees.
  4. Get out or get away from the open water. If you are in an outdoor group, hold a few yards from each other.

During a thunderstorm, the Grand Canyon Skayual will be closed to the public until after the storm. Skywalk Office also closes attraction when lightning aim at a radius of two miles.

flash flash – a common feature of the monsoon storms. If you go to the Western Region, remember that the last 10 miles to the park entrance – dirt road. If you hit the water fast, go and seek higher ground. The same applies if your car goes in the sink. Tourists are also encouraged to move to higher ground when they fell into ravines and canyons during a thunderstorm.

Typical storms associated with the monsoon, powerful but short-lived and do not lead to the cancellation of the trip and peraplanavannya (this applies to buses, helicopters and alloys). Many consider it one of the best times to visit the Grand Canyon West. The temperature cools down. The horizon is filled with a thunderstorm. Lightning put on a natural light show. But the most unique of the & # 39; is the smell of fresh sage and creosote in the Mojave Desert after a good rainfall.

Your chances of physical impact of monsoon storms are insignificant. Every year in Arizona flooding leads to three victims and two lightning. Remember, the weakest monsoon in Northern Arizona. Most of these accidents happen from Phoenix to Mexico border. However, you still need to take precautions, and by doing that, you get an incredible experience "Grand Canyon West Rim".

Safe drinking water on a business trip

Stay dehydrated while traveling on business trips can be a problem. When I was in Uganda, I had a terrible experience with drinking water, which caused me to inform others about the dangers of drinking water in third world countries, such as Uganda.

Water is not available in many countries, both in the United States. Many of the African people go walking many miles to "take water" from a variety of sources and wells. I saw women and children with large Jerry cans of water on their heads, which carry water from village to village. This water is not a & # 39 is safe to drink. Many involves carefully boil the water for at least eight minutes, before you can drink it and even brushing your teeth. This process helps to rid the boiling water from contamination, which can cause extreme illness.

Diseases that are transferred with water, caused by microorganisms that are consumed by the sources of fresh water. Worldwide each year die from diseases such many people. Some of them can be prevented with a healthy and safe methods of water consumption.

While in Uganda, I noticed that some water bottles, which are sold on the street in different street markets, not from the & # 39 are safe to drink. Some villagers are known, avoided water bottles before selling them to travelers from other countries. It's a way to earn money from unfair selling practices. This is fake water can be detected by checking the bottom of bottles of water that you will sell before you pay for it. A simple way to check – to turn the bottle upside bottom and explore the bottom of the bottle for the presence of counterfeit. Usually they will be very small and it is difficult to recognize. But on closer examination, small holes will be noticed. If they notice it, politely excuse yourself in the water acquisition and look for another vendor.

Some water from a natural source is safe for consumption after the distillation process. You want to make sure that you perform secure methods use any water in foreign countries, not even water, which is offered for sale.

How to return the pleasure in your trip!

Despite the excitement that it brings, many travelers believe that even holiday travel has become much more intense. Somehow amusing part seems to be missing them badly. This is one of those feelings, when returning from a trip, you feel that need one.

Most people just want to & # 39; to go to a quiet place during the trip. Unfortunately, planning can sometimes become so finicky that tourists are unlikely to find a way to get away from your busy life. If you are worried about the pastimes that are not capturing a vacation, here are a few things you need to do quickly.

reservation reasonable
Reservation simply relates to the preparation of the cheapest ticket available. It is for that. You can get very cheap rates, even if you intend to fly at the last minute. To properly book, it is necessary to stay ahead of time. The majority of airline seats is located on the Internet for 11 months in advance. Ideally, this is the time when you should start looking for options for flight. Since they have just been published, you have the chance to save more and travel on their own terms.

Regarding the choice of property, you just need to book the hotel, because everyone is going after them. Creativity of your home can give you a new feeling for the trip and help you save considerably. Instead of hotels, consider various options, such as a vacation, a break in the villas, camping and even a cruise.

Perhaps the most interesting in your travels – it is the very mission. Anxiety, flying to many causes them to forget things and act clumsily, that it is not too attractive for airport security.

Airports are not so miserable that you just need to be in your power, if prabiraetsesya Airport. There are several ways to make peace with the stay at the airport. We arrive at the airport earlier that you allow yourself plenty of time, even if it's a busy day ahead. Wear clothes that you make to speed through airport security. If you can, check ahead of time is a great option and will save you from a lot of time. Endless queues on the shelves of the airport these days can completely knock you crazy.

Less complex travel plans
When we travel to new destinations, we want to make it more healthy and make our trip more fulfilling. By doing this, we often put too many complex plans to our travel itinerary. Thus, you are unlikely to enjoy any part of the journey, because you are too focused on how to complete it. If you're traveling, try to make it more complete and attentive. Focus more on the quality of your trip, and not just a select place. From food to sightseeing things should just be fun. If you do not like it, to enjoy the sights too high, do not hesitate to put them in place!

The best photo of desert life in Arizona

During a visit to Arizona, one of the things that people enjoy this wealth of nature. And the plants and the animals seem to be asked to take a picture. If mentioned Arizona, many people are perakatsinyya desert and dry desert, studded with towns ghost; Arizona is not today. Arizona – a photographer paradise, and it has something for everyone. Here are some of the main places to visit and what they offer for photo enthusiasts.

To the east of the city of Phoenix you will find a state park Boyce Thompson. This is one of the best places to capture the beauty of the flora of the state. It was built in 1920 to showcase the natural beauty of flowers that inhabit the desert state conditions. If you are going to take pictures of flowers in the wild in Arizona, the best time of the year – in March and April. Remember that wealth of plants, or the lack of them is entirely dependent on how much rain fell the previous winter. You can make a full gallery with wild flowers in just one visit.

You can also get excellent pictures in Lake Havasu. Millions are drawn here to see the allegedly transplanted London Bridge. It is located on the lake and a & # 39 is the entry point in a rather bizarre English village. Perhaps it is not really England, but people are going through a lot of trouble to keep a true Old World. The surrounding area is filled with nature and just ripe for photographing.

A trip to the museum Sonoma Desert provide you with hours of spectacular scenery to be photographed. It is also a place where you can take a picture of some rarely visible animals of the desert. From zmyay lizards and feral cats to the desert plains all can be seen from the relative safety of the nature of the walls. If you like birds, this is the place to find them in groups. In the park there is a selection of all the birds of the state, as well as a variety of colors.

Often, desert drives and deviates from the mind of most people because what they initially see – it's a good silence. This also applies to the Museum of Sonora. Desert – a place which can not be assessed at a glance, it takes a calm inside to contemplate its beauty and wonder. Photographers have long been aware of this, and that is how we get some of the most amazing pictures of desert wildlife on the planet. The next time when you visit Arizona, bring a camera and take some time to bond with nature. Giving the opportunity, you will return home with amazing pictures of the earth, full of life and color.

Coast Highway Sanorana opens the door to greater tourism

Sonora State in Mexico will soon be open to more tourists than ever before. Construction of the new Sonoran coastal highway is already underway that will allow people with the great American West a new way to reach all the sun, sand and surf that Sonora has to offer.

The new highway, which sanoranskimi officials called the Gulf Coast and "La Costera", built in 4 different stages. The project started in 2006 and scheduled for completion by 2010. After the completion of the highway for $ 200 million will be 375 miles from the US border near Yuma, Arizona to Guaymi, a popular tourist destination and port of call in Sonora. Four-lane highway to ensure safe and convenient route Gold Coast Sanorana, an area full of picturesque views and relatively undiscovered beaches. Sonora government expects the highway to entice tourists from Arizona, California and Nevada that, along with the development of future projects, will help boost the region's economy.

Phase 1 has been completed and connects the tourist mecca of Puerto Penasco to the small coastal village of El Golfo Santa Clara. Work on this part of the project was completed in 2008 and has significantly reduced travel to Baja to Sonora.

Second step – is the improvement of an existing road to El golf Mexicali border crossing. This includes the expansion and repair of the highway, as well as improving the actual checkpoint. Phase 2 should be completed by mid-2009.

Phase 3 is connected to Waterford from Puerto Libertad, another coastal town, about 100 miles to the south. It is expected that the construction of this phase will begin in 2009.

The culmination of the project – stage 4, and last flight from Puerto Libertad to Guaymas. This section will cross the territory seryyskih Indians about Keane Nueva, a small tribe, which for centuries lived along the coast as fishermen sanoranskaga with little influence from the outside.

Additional development projects tied to the new highway, for example, the construction of a new major airport in Waterford, as well as several housing and commercial developments along the entire length highway. It is planned that the airport will start operating by mid-2009 and will receive daily commercial flights from several major cities in the south-western United States.

If you are traveling alone?

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, there is no better feeling in your life than her husband set himself the goal; jumping from a plane with an open heart and an open mind.

Your young age – it is your freedom years before mortgages, children and the general adult responsibilities begin. Too many people let fear of the unknown risk to prevent them and forget that only with great risk brings great reward.

If you decide to make the adventure and are ready to move to a new city where you do not know anyone, there are some great things that you will discover on your way:

You will meet new interesting ways to have fun

Your friends in the new city will acquaint you with a variety of local customs, the adventures of the beaten path and a fresh perspective on how to have fun. Given all of this is true. If you open your mind to the possibility of moving the results and swimming, you can go where you need. Move like a breeze.

Welcome replaced with open arms and live in any country, city, town or county that meets your cadence and desires. You will build a social slip to go alone to the meetings, and he did not flinch eyelid

Except for the people who live among us, many people feel a particular sense of fear when they want to go on a solo event.

You emphasize that no one will know, and you will feel uncomfortable, following a conversation with some eccentricity. You will receive the result of strong alcoholic, not allowing much of the cumbersome compensation.

You think of all things, do not be afraid. If you move to another city, you finish the trip on such a large number of single meetings, that this does not stop you, and you peratvarytsesya an expert on social affairs.

Before you know it, you'll be able to start a casual conversation, laugh, ask the right questions, and men are able to pardon himself from the easy debate. Social tensions will become a relic of the past days. Maybe a great place among the other departures from the crossings in urban areas – is samaraskrytstso that you will have. The more you travel and live abroad, the more your needs will move and you will not be able to help even know your route.

The decision to put the whole thing and take responsibility for their own lives – it's incredibly efficient business. Acceptance of your tasks in your hands allows you to rediscover your fantasies, desires, and define the path in front of you.

You will be able to reinvent themselves.

On what to look out on a trip to Abu Dhabi

The visit to Abu Dhabi these days is not a boring and sad. Thanks to so many sights and activities, you can take a pleasant and unforgettable trip for sure. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the Middle East dreams. Here you can enjoy the high-tech projects, present and, of course, tradition.

To make the most of your stay in Abu Dhabi, you should contact the tour operators to explore and join in the adventure. A typical tour of Abu Dhabi with the organizer will do everything in life seems to you. You will be able to visit the village heritage and excellent Sheikh Mosque will call. You'll drive along the Corniche stylish, which is a piece of landscaped beach promenade, restaurants and cafes.

After you give the tranquility, you love Abu Dhabi for a variety of surprises that it offers. For a start there are desert safaris, and the best time to enjoy it is at night. You will carry sand on the vehicle 4 for 4, where you can watch the amazing sunset, and then enjoy a delicious dinner around the campfire.

What can be expected;

• The joy that comes from the peaceful city.
• Complimentary reception and check-in hotel
• All members of the board are included in the package.

Night tour starts in the afternoon. This means that you have a few hours earlier to check out other interesting events in the city. Tour will pick you up in 15 hours from the hotel, where you first go for a walk in the desert. Sand landing embodiment are also included in the night desert Safari in Abu Dhabi. As part of the night you razmyastsitsesya in Bedouin camp.

If you do, you can go to other cool places. How about visiting the Corniche? Perhaps the most beautiful part of the tour of Abu Dhabi will be a & # 39; to go to Karniche. Here you can choose a good point where you can drink tea and enjoy watching the boats that go down and down next to the pier.

Then you can go on the beach. You can relax on the sand for a few minutes. After that, for a nominal fee, you can spend your free time with a book on a plot of the coastline. Or you can get involved in a game of volleyball, when you are feeling active. A popular place that can be visited – it is a family garden, which runs along the pedestrian road and a & # 39 is home to many green spaces that allow a pleasant stroll through the neighborhood.

Suppose you want to explore the area on land, you have to take a tour on an open bus. In different places it is possible to jump in and out of the bus. The bus will take you to the city center and make a stop in the Marina Mall. Sea trading center – a great place to stay. You can visit the recreation center, where you can go bowling, watch a movie or even a fun musical fountains.

The mall also houses the 100-meter high observation deck from which you can admire the stunning views of Abu Dhabi.

Choosing a kayak – the main demolition

If you re new to the sport exercise, the selection of appropriate equipment kayak can seem like a daunting task. Starting with the basic equipment, you can easily build on this foundation and adjust it according to your preferences, if you become more experienced.

Dressed in case
Obviously, you should be ready little wet. In anticipation of this, look for clothing that is water-resistant, dries quickly and has qualities of pull-ups. Also, keep in mind what kind of environment you'll be kayaking is a good idea to dress for the water temperature, not only on the street. Obviously, if you go to a cold climate, dressing in layers can be a good idea.

Put best foot forward
Another important choice – your choice of footwear. Choose shoes that will dry quickly, or water shoes or sandals on. Also keep in mind, depending on the surrounding area, you may need a shoe that provides a significant amount of protection.

Safety first
The most important piece of equipment in your arsenal – it is your personal flotatsyynaya device. Life jackets or the PFD, produced especially for sports, so be sure to look for one of them, as they will be to maneuver a kayak is much easier. Look for a correct and comfortable fit, make you feel relaxed during the adventure. Never remove the device, it's too risky. Also be sure that no matter what you choose a rescue jacket, comply with security Coast Guard.

Of course, first you will need and paddle. The paddle is no such number and size that you can surely find one that will meet your individual specifications. When choosing the length of the paddle, consider the size of your hands in the assessment of grip and height. Depending on the length of your trips by canoe, you can take into account the width of the paddle. The longer your trip, the more weight the paddle while worn on your shoulders.

It considered it
Skirt with a spray – this is the last piece of gear, you may want to add to your original collection. Covering the knees, the skirt to prevent the penetration of excessive water on the canoe, as well as provide protection from the elements. Usually made of nylon or neoprene, the best choice of material depends on the conditions in which you will play.

Although first-year students can rent most of the equipment needed for daily travel, as you're more ukladvaetsesya the sport, purchase their own equipment makes sense. With these basic elements, you will begin to work, and with increasing experience level, and your trip will be more adventurous, you can add to your collection.