Find great deals on hotels in Richmond, Virginia, USA


Richmond, founded in 1737, is the capital of Virginia, USA. The climate of this city is humid subtropical with moderate seasonal changes that make it a destination year round. This beautiful Virginia city is known worldwide for its historic architecture, art and culture.

The city has many amazing tourist attractions, including Byrd Theater, St. John’s Church, Hollywood Cemetery, Fan County and Tucahoe Plantation, etc. These are the most worthwhile places to visit in Richmond.

This city attracts thousands of people from all over the world not only for leisure, but also for business, work and education. If you are coming here for pleasure, for business or for some other reason, you simply do not have to interfere with the location much. This metropolitan city offers many lodging options to choose from which all budgets fit.

Luxury hotels

If you’re ready to spend to enrich your excursion to Richmond, then be sure to stay at any luxury city hotel. There are many amazing lodging options in Richmond, including Tides Inn, Jefferson, Commonwealth Partners, Hilton Garden Inn, Westin and Omni, etc.


Jefferson is a five-star classic luxury hotel built in 1895. This is a great star hotel in the city, well known for offering the best services, services and international standard rooms with royal treatment. Many of the major tourist attractions are within walking distance of Jefferson, as it is centrally located. Some great features of Jefferson are 3-star restaurants, business services. This is the perfect place for both business and leisure travelers.

Cheap Hotels

In the city, you can choose from a variety of budget properties that offer amenities and rooms that fit all budgets. Travel here, try making your stay at one of the cheap hotels so you can reduce some of your travel expenses. The best options for accommodation in this city are: Quality Inn West End, Wingate by Wyndham, Days Inn West Broad, Hyatt Place and Baymont Inn and Suites, etc.

Baymont Inn and Suites

Located at 7201 W. Broad Street, the Baymont Inn and Suites is one of the best cheap hotels offering great service, amenities, and comfort of luxury hotels at the most affordable price. Some of the best features of this cheap property include a meeting room, free parking.

This city offers hotels of all categories, from pets to spas, casinos and boutiques. So, just stop worrying to find out about a particular type of accommodation. Whether you are looking for hotels downtown or near an airport, this city will never disappoint you because there are hotels in every corner.

Hotels in the city center

Richmond’s economy is primarily about finance, law, state-owned banking firms, as well as public and private agencies, which are mainly located in the city center. Thus, a large number of visitors prefer to stay in and around the city center. This is the reason why all the popular networks were created here. Some of the best downtown options are Commonwealth Park Suites Hotel and Quality Inn West End.

Quality Inn West End

Centrally located, Quality Inn West End is the best budget hotel offering first-class service and quality accommodation. It gives you access to some great tourist attractions.



Shamian Island is a place for a good cheap hotel in Guangzhou, China


As inexpensive travelers on a recent trip to Guangzhou China, my wife and I were quite surprised to arrive at the train station in the city. It is one of the largest cities in the country, and although we do not usually book early when we travel, this time the lack of hotels of any size at the main train station made us look for a guide.

Shamian Island, on the Pearl River in the middle of the city, seemed like a good place to find a cheap hotel, and when we arrived by taxi, we were immediately glad we arrived. This island is a small, maybe a quarter-square-mile riverfront location, and it’s a small oasis of silence in this busy city. My first impression, believe it or not, was from Savannah, Georgia, in the US! Much of the architecture has been colonial since the time when the United Kingdom and the French used it as a trading outpost. The old buildings are generally in good shape, there are wide streets and beautiful tall trees that create the whole island slowly. It’s a great place for walks.

We looked at some cheap hotels but stayed at the Guangdong Shamian Hotel, a rather cheap hotel that had a couple of rough edges, but was very friendly and helpful. I would recommend it for large rooms and great location.

At night, the shoreline of Shamian Island comes to life with outdoor restaurants on the Pearl River, and you can sit and watch the boat movement along the river and enjoy the spectacular city views. The prices here are a bit higher than in other parts of Guangzhou, but it was a decent excitement and we really enjoyed our seafood dinner.

An interesting thing about Shamian Island is the number of Westerners who see them strolling around pushing strollers carrying young children who are clearly Chinese. It turns out that Guangzhou is a hub for Americans who want to adopt Chinese orphans, and since the American Consulate is on the island, most people stay at the White Swan Hotel nearby.

Shamian Island is a very good base for exploring Guangzhou, China, and although there really aren’t budget hotels, we definitely were able to find good cheap Guangzhou hotels on a quiet island, right in the middle of one of the largest cities China.



Hotel booking tips


Hotel reservations and hotel reservations are now just as simple as 123, where you could negotiate even from the comfort of your home. Just browse the Internet and look for some websites that offer hotel deals and reservations. This saves you time and effort on these friendly booking sites, which guarantee low-cost hotel rates to suit your requirements. They have a large selection of hotel deals worldwide and are trusted to book cheap hotels. Compare your hotel deals online with affordable rates, as they offer a variety of three-star hotel deals and fantastic rates on luxury business at prime locations and cozy holiday homes and beach resorts.

It is very important for travelers to book early to use the room with discounts. This way, when you arrive at your destination, you will not find it difficult to spend time finding a place to stay. Early booking will allow you to choose the room you would like and the amenities that would make your stay complete. Most hotel room rates include breakfast and use of bars, swimming pools, gyms, etc. court. If you have children, find out if you can ask for an extra bed in the room. Booking cheap hotels early can give you hotel discounts and take advantage of special deals.

Here are some instructions you need to follow to learn about your hotel booking process:

• Select the hotel you want in the location next to your destination.

• Get acquainted with the conditions of stay, payment and even cancellation.

• Choose the room size best suited to you and the price.

• Most hotels offer free bookings and even their cancellation is free.

• Check them out on the web and the forms you can easily fill out.

• Make sure these hotel booking companies give you the exact rates you are going to pay. A few people will give you a very low hotel price, but they do not tell you about local taxes and various fees. You end up paying more than you planned. Take the smart step of comparing not only hotel prices but even the fees associated with using their reservation. You can find the best deals in Expedia, Hotels, Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity and Hotel Deal Site among others.



Cheap Hotels Examined Up Close


We have all seen Lenny Henry emblazoned with purple on our TV screens, doing his best to sell us rooms. But, as consumers, we want a comfy stay and the best deal, and the proof is always in the pudding. Adverts are great, but what are the options really like? We are not restricted to a couple of big name cheap hotel chains; There are other options as well.

Lenny Henry is a pretty good catch; He's a TV legend in the UK and seems like a genuinely nice guy. His loveable, upbeat persona is becoming synonymous with the brand, and this will do sales the world of good. Rivals would need to come up with something very innovative to top this coup; Maybe we will see screen legend Alan Rickman chilling out in a cheap double rooms. Perhaps not …

It does seem that cheap hotel chains are prepared to spend big to boost public opinion, but what about the serious business of the prices, the availability and the experience?

The stay needs to be comfortable, with great beds, good food and plenty of optional extras. Even though you are not staying at the New York Hilton, you want excellent value for money and a quality stay.

All the cheap hotel chain rivals have rooms that are extraordinarily good value for money, and many of the hotels are in great locations. The two main rivals tend not to tread on each other's toes, so the hotels are kept apart geographically.

There is always the other option of a good old British B&B. You can't beat a friendly, family atmosphere in a well-run and comfortable Bed and Breakfast, and some of the prices are actually fairly competitive.



3 cheap hotels in Hong Kong


Hotels in Hong Kong are notoriously expensive. On average, hotel prices can range from $ 100 to $ 500 to $ 500 per night. There are also budget hotels that are below $ 100 per night, which are high standard and at the same time do not compromise the services they provide.

Hong Kong has 3 cheap hotels that fall into this category. Not only is the price reasonable, the amenities and amenities at these hotels are full and up to standard with the price you pay.

L Hotel Island South (3.5 stars) – From $ 76 per night

It is located in the Aberdeen neighborhood of Hong Kong and near the Kingdom of Jumbo. This hotel has a restaurant and a bar that is convenient for your meals. Room service is also available if you want to dine in the comfort of your room. You can also find small meeting rooms, city car services and business services. You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi in public areas. There is also a free shuttle to the theme park and the mall.

Oriental Lander Hotel (3 stars) – starting at $ 79 per night

Located in the heart of Kowloon and close to the Grand Century and the Flower Market. Area attractions include Temple Street’s famous night market.

The hotel has a 24-hour business center that offers small meeting rooms. Free Wi-Fi is also available in public areas. Airport shuttle service is offered for an extra charge. Room service is available for limited hours only.

Silvermine Beach Hotel (3 stars) – From $ 46 a night

Silvermin is a beachfront hotel located near Silvermin Beach and Mui Wo Market. If you are golfing, there is a Discovery Bay golf course near the hotel.

Recreational amenities include a sauna, a fitness facility, and tennis courts. The meeting rooms are fully equipped with audio-visual devices if you need them for business purposes. Like most Hong Kong hotels, high-speed Internet is available free of charge in public areas. Coffee shop and room service are there for you if your needs arise.

Traveling to Hong Kong and planning a trip can be incredible, as there is much to see and do. Sights of the biggest night parade in the world to the stunning nightlife, the Pearl of the East is a must-see. Choosing the right hotel will make your stay more enjoyable, and additional hotel savings can be spent elsewhere during the trip.



Search for the best cheap hotels on the Internet


The hub of accommodation for travelers during the trip is obviously a hotel. Most budget-conscious travelers prefer to stay at budget hotels. But with the same budget, you can stay at a luxury hotel of the star category, provided that you make a hotel reservation for the month ahead. Hotels in Dubai, the United Kingdom, New York and other most visited tourist destinations are very expensive. Only an extended reservation can help you get the cheapest deals at these hotels.

Finding cheap hotels is possible on the Internet, especially on the travel portal. If you travel frequently to a particular destination, say Dubai, you have a lot to learn about the Dubai Hotel. And if you are a regular visitor to any of the Dubai hotels, you can simply visit the corporate website at this hotel and make your reservation. Today, virtually all luxury hotels have their own corporate sites that facilitate online booking, and at the same time publish periodic announcements on packages to attract visitors. The Travel Portal has a database of cheap hotels, luxury hotels, hotel hotels, etc. with images and other details. A visitor to the website can actually take a tour of the numbers offered by the facilities, rates, packages, etc. and make informed decisions accordingly.

There are a number of educational centers in the UK, including business organizations. And you can enjoy the beauty of many exotic places and buildings in the UK. Searching for UK hotels within the established budget can be done online. Don’t expect a last-minute booking or book it right after you reach your destination. You can get the hotel you selected and you will end up spending more than your budget. In addition, 100% occupancy of most UK hotels can cause you to visit apartments to book. So don’t risk it!



Search for cheap hotel rooms


When traveling to any destination, a hotel room is a primary concern. Any smart traveler will tell you that it’s not reasonable to pay too much. This is because you can easily travel in style with a comfortable hotel room without having to put yourself in debt. However, finding cheap hotel rooms is never the equivalent of cheap service. If you look hard enough, you will definitely find a nice place to stay in a foreign land, which is not expensive.

How to Find Cheap Hotel Rooms |
There is a wide range of hotel room rates depending on destination. But anywhere, great hotel deals are available. Your role as a savvy traveler is to track them down and book them in one piece.

There are many sources you can use to find your home away from home these days. Directories, travel magazines and the Internet are just a few. For these sources to be useful, you must learn to use them properly. Apart from all these sources, the Internet is usually the best option because it is very affordable and covers the widest range.

To find cheap hotel rooms online, you must first determine your destination, budget, and preferred comfort. These three will figure out the basis of your choice. Entering a destination in the search bar will help filter your choices. To find hotel deals in Denver, you will need to focus on available accommodations in the area. To find cheap hotels in Las Vegas, you have to look for online resources that offer them.

Once you find the pages that lead you to your targeted location, it’s time to categorize the available offers. Make sure your choices match your budget and your desired comfort brand. The absence of one or the other does not indicate a good choice.

In terms of budget, you can use comparison sites to help you check which of the different hotel reservation services offers the best price. Note the price range that fits your budget, including the site that offers them. Then review each one of your options and make sure you think it is perfect.

Also remember, it’s a wild, wide world out there. In each address you can find hotel room numbers that satisfy different hobbies, tastes, appeals, impulses and financial possibilities. The guide to choosing your best choice is to find in your heart what you really want or how you want your vacation to turn out.

Book now
Once you’ve found the best hotel deal that meets your price and comfort requirements, don’t wait another minute to book them at the right travel dates. Early booking will give you another chance to save money. A number of hotels offer amazing discounts for those who book early.

Another tip when booking cheap hotel rooms is to travel in the off-season in time. While there may be several restrictions on activities that you can enjoy, it is one of the most effective ways to save a significant amount of your living expenses.



Cheap Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand


A Western tourist can get sidetracked when looking for cheap Bangkok hotels. Ideas for basic placement standards depend on where you come from. Hiram and Hattie of Houston can expect better rooms than Han from Hanoi, or even Henry and Hana from Harrogate (UK). Let me guide you. To see Western-style luxury, stop by one of the many familiar Western chains. The only problem is that they can be very expensive. And let us be with you, stay at the Hilton or Marriott in Bangkok and you may also be in New York, London or Cairo.

You want to stay in Bangkok, right? The good news is that there are many independent hotels in Bangkok that offer reasonable standards of living at reasonable prices, who needs a wardrobe? Hangers are an important part – right?

You will probably know that Bangkok is the capital and capital of Thailand. In Thai it is called Krung Thep Maha Nahon (either Krung Thep which means “city of angels”). Bangkok’s population is more than six million. The dominant religion is Buddhism, practiced by all but 5% of the city’s population. Most of what is left is Muslims with the dispersion of Christians. Bangkok is a blockchain with temples and gardens, as well as (not to forget) a thriving sex industry. One of Bangkok’s strengths is its fascinating blend of old Thai culture with Western-style capitalism.

This is my personal pick of the best cheap hotel in Bangkok:

New Siam River

21 Soi Chanasongkram Phra-A-Thit Road, Chanasongkram, Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200.

Here is a boarding house with a great view, located near the Chao Phai River, near the Grand Palace. It is fully air-conditioned and has a coffee shop, a decent restaurant and a large swimming pool. As with most Thai hotels, beds are made of foam. Each room has bedside tables, cable TV and a refrigerator. High-speed Wi-Fi is available in all rooms. All rooms do not smoke ..

Be careful when booking because there are two other affiliates in New Siam. Room rates start at 1390 baht (single).

The Silam Hotel

2 Soi Prachum (Silom 22), Silom Road, 10500 Bangkok

Formerly called the Shiloh City Inn, this hotel can be found in the heart of Bangkok’s business center, next to each key mall. The city of Silam is within walking distance of major nightclubs and shopping districts, as well as Suana Lumpini Park, Bangkok Railway Terminal and the river. It has 70 guest rooms, all equipped with air conditioning, a personal safe, PC and fax connections, an internal music system, color television with satellite and private bathroom. The advertised weekly fare starts at 1,150 baht per night (about $ 40) for a single room, but we’re told you can board.


920-926 Rama4 Rd. (At the Suravonce Crossing, opposite the Red Cross Society), Silam County, Banggrak, 10500,

TakeANap Family Hotel is a family run hotel with fanatical fans. There are numerous single, double and sleeping rooms starting at 350 baht per night ($ 12). The singles come in at about 1,000 baht ($ 34). Great for tourists, not so good for business travelers or tourist families. The 30 single and double rooms have all sets of different themes, most of which are designed to give you a headache after too much beer! TakeANap is very central, just meters from the sky train (BTS) and metro (MRT). TakeaNap is also close to nightclubs, downtown and the market. Wardrobe freaks should note that the room comes with favorite pieces of furniture, but with hangers and rails. You will also be lucky to get a refrigerator,

The place of Sivala

168 Isaraphab Soi 33 Isaraphab 3rd About Bangkok-Yai 10600 Thailand

This multi-family home offers great value to anyone with a budget. Their smart studio apartments range from 1450 baht per night (less than $ 50), and two-bedroom apartments for only 100 baht. Expect queen size beds and bathrooms with shower panels fitted with six massage jets. Amenities are better than average Bangkok, from a fully equipped karaoke room to tennis, restaurants, cafes and a giant chlorine-free pool filtered instead of an eco-friendly zone & # 39; ; non-chemical filtration system. Then there is a sauna, a library of “good poop” and a well-equipped games room. The Shiloh Palace comes highly recommended.

These are my recommended cheap Bangkok style hotels. Have a great time and let me know if you find any other gems.



Boston Hotel Guide, City Center Hotels, Budget Accommodation, Luxury Waterfront Tips, and more


Boston is an exciting, historic city that is worth visiting at least once. There are so many things to do: from shopping to visiting museums. During the baseball season, you can go to the Red Sox. To accommodate, there are numerous Boston hotels to choose from, spanning all budget ranges. Stay in any neighborhood for an affordable price.

Compare prices online by entering travel dates. If you are not yet sure if you want to go, you can subscribe to be notified whenever a huge discount is given. You can also book your hotel stay and flight to Boston at the same time. As you do this again, see if there are any deals involving car rental. Of course, there are plenty of cheap public transport options between the airport and hotels in Boston.

Most of the hotels are located in downtown areas such as Downtown / Waterfront, Fenway, Back Bay, West End, Beacon Hill, as well as Seaport / South Boston Waterfront. There is also Boston-Logan Airport, which is a 7-minute water taxi ride from downtown.

If you have a very tight budget and don’t plan on spending a lot of money, there are several cheap Boston hotels to choose from, such as the Lakeside Inn (Westfield), the Convention Inn, the Hampton Inn & Suites, The Farrington Inn, HI Boston, and the Boston Common Hotel.

Fenway is probably Boston’s biggest attraction and one of the main reasons people visit this day and age. Boston Hotel Buckminster is a good hotel in the immediate vicinity of Fenway Park. It’s also a 15-minute walk from the Hynes Convention Center. A few other nice options: Revere Hotel Boston Common, Lenox Hotel, Midtown Hotel, Copley House and Sheraton.

Take a good look at Boston hotels

Some hotels and arrivals offer spectacular views of the waterfront. There is a luxury Renaissance Boston Beachfront Hotel located in the scenic seaport. The Battery Wharf is in the harbor and has an award-winning spa. The Envoy Hotel (owned by Autograph Collection) offers both water views and city views. In 2017, he won the Boston Magazine’s Best Boutique Hotel.

It is the cheapest time to visit Boston in the winter and the most popular time in the summer. If you want decent weather, visit in the spring but don’t want to spend too much money on accommodation. Hotels in Boston are usually priced in the spring months. You might also want to think about staying outside the city center in surrounding neighborhoods such as Cambridge, Brooklyn, Concord, Braintree and Andover.

At Travelocity, you can learn more about these hotels as well as hundreds of others in the Boston area. Compare prices not only for hotels but also for flights, car rentals and entertainment. Use Travelocity coupons to save on Boston hotels.



Tips to help you find a cheap hotel for your vacation


If you are a budget traveler, finding cheap hotels can be important to you. After all, you want to keep the costs low, no matter what. In this article, we will share some tips that can help you find cheap hotels for your next vacation. Read on.

Check out our hotel comparison sites

You have Internet access. So, use your mobile phone to find the best deal online. For a while, you can search for a hotel on various sites that will not cost you hands and feet.

There are many hotel comparison websites to help you get the best deals on tickets as well as hotel accommodation. Some of the sites you can check out include Expedia, Agoda and

Go to Travel Review Websites

Top travel review websites, such as TripAdvisor, can help you find the right type of placement in minutes. Reviews from genuine travelers will help you gain a deeper understanding of the quality of the hotel you want to stay at.

After reading the reviews, you can also get a lot of tips from other experienced travelers. What’s more, with just a few clicks it will be easier for you to compare prices for different hotels.

Travel during the off-season

If you want to minimize travel costs, another good approach is to travel out of season. This will save a lot of money on travel tickets and hotel accommodation. So it’s a good idea to do your homework to find out about the “right” month in the off-season for hotel stays.

Let go to Couchsurfing

As the name implies, Couchsurfing allows you to stay at the host’s house for free. This will help you make friends with new people and learn a lot from locals.

Here it is important to remember that Couchsurfing may not suit everyone. If you want to go, you have to be adventurous. If it works for you, you can save a large amount of money.

If you are new, you may not like this option. So we suggest doing your homework to make sure your master is a trusted person. You may want to use your common sense in addition to reading reviews from other travelers who have been there before.

To get started, all you have to do is create an account on Couchsurfing. The rest will be a slice of cake for you.

Choose instead of hostels

Here’s a great alternative: you can choose a hostel instead of a hotel. Although hostels are not so luxurious, they have many amenities to make your stay memorable.

Typically, when you are with a group of travelers, you can book large dorm rooms at a fair price. Plus, you can have fun with your mates.

So, here are some tips to help you find cheap hotels anywhere.