The main things you need to know before you go in the B & # 39; etnam

In the & # 39; etnam – one of the best places where we could make plans for travel. Although not very popular among tourists, the country has much to offer for all types of tourists and travelers. From delicious street food in the old quarter to the beautiful architecture of the whole country, the country and its beauty will not let you down.

The main things you need to know before you go in the B & # 39; etnam

In the city there are many things that can be done to the tourist. Here is a complete list of things to keep in mind and to know before planning a trip to the V & # 39; etnam:

Currency: Before you travel to a new country, no matter where you come from, make sure you have currency in order. Be careful if you take the cash and how much money to convert.

Plan ahead: Plan ahead before you visit the & # 39; etnam means to look ahead to book and reserve a place to stay. Give the travel agency that offers a complete guide and help you plan your travels, such as tours of Sapa in the & # 39; etname. Also, plan your route through the area and the cities you plan to visit, so you have an idea what to do, when to arrive.

Learn a few common phrases: Before you go on in the & # 39; etnam, make sure that you have at your fingertips some skill. Here is a list of a few words that will help you to better interact with the local people of the country:

Sorry / Excuse: Xin loi. (Sin fat)

The bill, please: Tin Tien!

Hello: Xin Chao (sin chow)

Sugar-free: Khong suong (Khom duong)

Be ready to talk: In the & # 39; etnam – one of those places where prices rise without warning, when it comes to tourists. Thus, in order not to cheat, be in full readiness to trade with the locals. Helpful Hint – to exchange other currency denominations to profitable zdelitstsa on local stations.

What to Wear: The country is quite abandoned and allows richly dressed, no questions asked. However, you should remember that you need to dress up when you visit temples. There's a strict dress!

Wi-Fi everywhere, you do not need to worry about connecting to the Internet are either too worried to buy some international SIM card, because the country is always connected to Wi-Fi. And best of all, it's free !!

In the & # 39; etnam – a beautiful country, the city hit a lot of options for visitors and serene beaches. Tourists will never end here. The country will make you fall in love with nature and make you wish that you could stay there forever! Tours of the B & # 39; etname Sapa and many other travel companies to offer visitors the first time a simple guide on what to do in In & # 39; etname and pursue other things, such as travel to different places, accommodation and meals.

Tours of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

Las Vegas – the main tourist center, located near the Arizona and California borders. Every year it attracts thousands of visitors for its fabulous casinos and, of course, the Grand Canyon. Canyon – Colorado River Gorge, located in the north-west of Arizona. This is known as a natural wonder of the world, and it is about 1.6 km in depth, about 6,4-29 kilometers in width and 349 kilometers in length. Said that around 1908, when the US government declared the canyon a National Monument and then appropriated vast territory National Park, Grand Canyon.

Today, there are several tours of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas that offer different ways of transportation. Some of the available means of transport include luxury travel buses or through air conditioners six-passenger VIP-shredders, which have huge windows to see the spectacular views. For many tourists who travel to the canyon, tourist buses provide service selection. These buses are safe and easy to use, as they have a lounge, airline seats and large windows to witness the spectacular views of the street.

They also stop at exclusive locations for the unique scenery from the Southern edge of the canyon. These tours also offer a free dinner at the buffet in one of the fine restaurants of the Grand Canyon. Unlike the bus tours, helicopter tours are known, adventurous and fast. A trip on a helicopter tour will give visitors the opportunity to see the cowboy adventure, admiring the magnificent scenery of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Ice Berg Canyon and the Colorado Plateau at the top. Tours by helicopter offer a wonderful energetic cowboy experience, because the Cowboys take tourists on Slipper horses that run through the ranch to enjoy the exotic Western food and live entertainment.

Tourists can also take advantage of numerous special discounts for winter bookings at the last minute on tours of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, in particular helicopter tours. People who lived through these tours really believe this meeting once in a lifetime.

Sock for individual travel, the American south-west, from relaxing spas to hiking national parks

One of the remarkable features of the southwestern United States is that it really is for everyone. In late November, I booked an elegant spa hotel in the area of ​​Scottsdale, Arizona. There was a wide range of options from grocery paths. Coming from the East Coast, one surprise for me was that the desert was not always warm at that time of the year. Exterior patios had a heat lamp, which allowed even after sunset sit at the dinner.

Apparently, I'm not only thinking about how the sun is burning, and the Cowboys are going to the horizon. I booked a full day tour to the Grand Canyon. When my mini-van arrived, the snow began to fall. One of our small group, women from Europe, dressed in a "desert" the transmission, light clothes and street shoes, moved into the gift shop. She came back to enjoy the view of the Canyon, covered with layers into talstovak, baseball cap, which provided only a slight improvement over the common cold temperatures!

Another surprise: as a child, I joined my classmates, who proclaimed "Home on the range … Where the buffalo roam." It was more a legend than a reality, because, apparently, there is no "American Buffalo" and "bison".

Additional options for a day trip from Scottsdale area include major artists colony of Sedona, which is Var & # 39; iruetstsa the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright of the 20th century to the evocative natural landscapes red rock. Hiking option – it's Apache Trail with the nearest ghost town Goldfield, which eventually ends up on Roosevelt dam.
In any case, it would be a nice trip that I would recommend. The only drawback? During the trip, I prefer is just a short walk from a variety of attractions.

Completely different but equally good trip followed the Christmas in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There was a lot of snow, which was very seasonal, but even better was the historic city itself. There were plenty of restaurants, shops and local attractions such as the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis. The latter was built recently in the late 1800s, but served as the arrival of 400 years. Native Americans offered jewelry and other products, the most popular of which were beads of turquoise and silver earrings and even belt buckles for. (Earlier in November, the Santa Fe Indian Market takes winter SWAIA.)

Day Trips Santa Fe include:
• Taoists
• Abiquiú
• Turquoise trail
• National Monument Bandele 70 miles of routes for hiking
• Home GA kif
• National Park Pecos
• For a change of pace is also within Las Vegas.

In addition, Taos boasts several difficult slopes. Although ski intermediate skier, I humbly moved skiing in Santa Fe, expecting Taos to go skiing. Unfortunately, although I came in time to almost daily snowfall, my trip coincided with the Christmas week. As a result, suburban minivan, with whom I contacted, were all unavailable. Local residents tried to discourage me to rent a car to make the unfamiliar mountain ride alone during potentially heavy snow. One of the creative task was rolled up to the mountain, and hope to find it on his return. I declined the opportunity to be detained for the night, looking for accommodation, to enjoy the region around Santa Fe.

I found all year round and Arizona, and New Mexico is a good choice for solo travelers. However, for trips to national parks in advance, check winter closing.

Try to relax resorts in Sedona, Arizona

What comes to mind when you think about the rest in the mountains of Arizona? If you're like most people, you might think that this zone consists only of camping outdoors, hiking trails, RV campgrounds or chain hotels. In the picturesque town of Sedona, Arizona, expected much more.

You can make this amazing country untouched one of the places of rest and enjoy both excellent southwestern landscapes and distinct features of the resort and a world-class resort, including such well-known resorts like Los Abrigados, Boulders, L & # 39; Auberge, and Enchantment. These resorts boast luxury suites, private kazitarami, gourmet meal with four stars and a luxury spa center, such as Mii Amo on Char. Rather than stay in a small room, you can relax in a luxury Kazi white palmate services available around the clock. You will discover great restaurants with four stars, such as Yavapai Restaurant at Enchantment, modern fitness centers and luxury spas that are elegantly arranged in rooms, and the only goal – to make sure that every guest has remained a memorable and exciting experience.

Southwest – a ground which causes intrigue, and a temperate climate and rock mountain setting of Sedona gives you the opportunity to meet the stars. You can go on an adventure with the knowledge that you will return to the circle of luxury to rest from physical exertion. Dedicate a day hike in Boyton Canyon to experience the energy vortex, a game of tennis on a clay court or a game of golf at one of the many championship courses in Sedona, for example, on the course Country Club Oak Creek. You can return to the resort and to demand any amount of therapy and body treatments, including special procedures for the Indians developed from tribal rituals.

After you return the energy and muscle fatigue will be given the necessary attention to you, you're ready to try the menu of some restaurants appreciation Sedona, enjoying a panoramic view of the amazing formation of red rocks of Sedona. accompaniment to your meal. You can dazzle multicolored displays at sunset or just enjoy the beauty of the stars of the open sky in the evening. Otherworldly red rock landscape – a great backdrop for some wonderful local dishes prepared by world class chefs.

You will find an unusual variety heaven tempting dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the restaurants in Sedona are great efforts, including fresh, organic vegetables and fruits that are grown locally. One of the best features of these high-end restaurants is that chefs can create puzzled decadent dishes that are very healthy and good for you.

Do not forget to check out the wine and cocktails while you are there, and try some local drinks with exotic names such as "Painted desertsini", "Wine is a wild canyon" or cocktail Prickly pear. If fine food and fine cuisine – one of your real pleasures in life, then the resort spas in Sedona sure to win your favor.

The beauty of Lake Havasu

Many believe that Lake Havasu in Azerbaijan is considered one of the most desirable communities that own the real estate for vacation or home for full time work. Originally built as a military stop area it was defined in 1958 by Robert McCulloch as a potential haven for retirees and vacationers who were looking for water activities, but did not want to cover the distance to the coast. Buying a few thousand hectares and the further development of this area, including business districts, entertainment areas and residential pockets, Hawass made lake in the area of ​​interest to seven & # 39; ads retirement age. McCulloch heavily sold this demographic group and eventually sold all the land which he controlled.

The idea to bring tourists to the isolated area in Arizona require some form of attraction, and McCulloch know what to do. He actually bought London Bridge and transporting it piece by piece for the reconstruction of the city, breaking the narrow channel that separated the small island from the mainland. This project has served to create an easy transport route to the other side of the river, which usually require more than 30 miles, as well as attracting a tourist attraction like none other in the state. Lake Havasu immediately went from residential to community boat blossoming tourist destinations, each year attracting thousands of visitors. Tourism enterprises thrive and continue to do so, because the real residents of the community continue to grow and the number of tourists.

Real Estate in Lake Havasu is highly desirable due to the fact that those who are looking for annual vacation, may own real estate and lease it to another time, coming to the city at different times of the year or to the "spring break." activities that have become incredibly popular. Now the area is recognized as the most popular spring break destination in Arizona, each year attracting hundreds of thousands of colleges to enjoy the river. It is quite beneficial for property owners who are renting their homes numerous times than a typical monthly rent in this period, simply because of the housing shortage and huge demand. Others in the region aspire to ownership of the house because of the reliability of the labor market, even in times of recession. Over the past ten years, Lake Havasu has developed quite well, as to how the value of real estate, and the creation of jobs due to the fact that the company is constantly growing and requires the filling of new office spaces.

Lake Havasu City is one of the main places in the southwestern United States for water activities and boating, as well as a small town.

Ghost Bear's adventure travel

Claire British travelers Claire sat in its regular flight Air Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC). Twenty-nine-year-Claire, who considers himself one of the adventure trips every year, always trying to start their adventure with a airline flight, which takes the country in which she will visit. She chose Vancouver to sit on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, which was heading to Alaska. The route of the ship through the internal passages between islands has given her a great chance to see humpback whales and orcs, who hunted in these channels. Perhaps she can see a bear on one of the islands.

If she was planning my trip, Vancouver called her interest. Much more than just a cruise port, diverse cosmopolitan city offers a delicious selection of food, night life, and (most importantly Claire) adrenaline. She had planned to experience the city in a few days after going to a coastal rainforest on the pictures to find and photograph the rare and elusive Spirit Bear.

Scientifically called "bear Kermade", local people in ancient times was called the Spirit of the polar bears. Claire thought to improve the chances of meeting hiring aboriginal leadership Kitasoo to guide it in the rain forest. Mark Kermode bears – black bears, but many of those who live in the coastal seaside forest. Many believe that they are polar bears, but the wild polar bears do not live in the forest. The size, shape and features of the Spirit Bear clearly identify it as a black bear.

Science can not answer the occasional white bear fur, except for the amazing results albino nature. But the natives explain it this way: spiritual Bear reminds people to express gratitude for the generosity that they have, for the fact that the whole earth lay crushed under the glaciers and bottomless snow. Claire hoped she could take a picture of a bear, and perhaps equally elusive puma and coastal wolves living in the rain forest. None of her friends did not go with her on a trip. It upset her that her friends decide to grow hard and smart as their parents. Perhaps, wildlife photography, the description of entertainment on the ships, and her excitement, telling the adventures of British Columbia and Alaska, can seduce her friends to come next time. # TAG1writer

Find a way to see the Brass Bear BC Search the Web Chris Vestal.


Who like to relax? Of course, they include about 99 percent of the population. 1 percent are likely to be workaholics who just do not like to take work with them on vacation. And no matter who you are, perhaps you like to make a deal on the trip.

Deals on travel can occur with the actual flight of the aircraft, discount hotels, savings on car rental, cruise packages, and you can get on the travel offers in tourist guides.

What are the most popular travel deals? The most popular deals are traveling

1] The working day at the last minute or last minute escapes to save the holiday weekend. You can save up to 70 percent of these last-minute holiday in the holiday weekend. Usually these proposals suggested include both flights and savings in hotels. Many times the deal on travel come with flexible departure dates from Thursday to Saturday. Of course, the package deals with the journey ends within a limited period of time, usually only on weekends.

2] Compare and save on tariff. Now you can see if you are getting a good deal on the trip. Many websites offer a possibility to compare and save on airline tickets, and other flight services. For example, you can compare and save on airfare on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Often you can get a last-minute deals on travel packages with the last of 199 dollars US dollars.

Other popular suggestions for travel. Looking for a deal on a trip to London, Paris, Venice, Barcelona, ​​New York, Arizona, or other popular hot vacation spot? Often Norwegian cruise lines, resorts and Westin Kierland Spa and Continental airlines offer hot deals on travel packages. You will find suggestions on loans for travel, one-way, round-trip, shopping and other fantastic travel offers. Some of the popular tourist destinations may include Atlantic City, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Orlando, San Francisco. Some popular international tourist offers include travel spots such as Aruba, Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Paris and Puerto Vallarta.

Popular tourist sites deals. You can search and find deals on travel to, Orbiz, Delta Air Lines, Travelocity, Expedia,,,, and visitors bureau for the county. For US citizens who are traveling abroad, try For car rental, you can search for and find offers from $ 10 and up for lease transactions on the weekend. For hotels that are sold all over the country, you can search and find the offer with 30% discount. According to the last-minute rates, you can search and find the fares for the weekend. To visit District Office, you can search and find discounts in hotels and options for gift cards. Travel guides, travel magazines, travel zoo, a trip by train, traveling at the last minute cruises and airlines offer a variety of attractive tourist offers.

Take advantage of all the options transactions on the journey. To do this, you can examine the package offers not only specific proposals for travel on flights, hotels, car rental, cruises and vacation. There are many offers available on many popular tourist destinations in the US and abroad. Search in all areas of travel, if you are not tuned to the same hot spot vacation. You will find various suggestions for traveling to different hot spots, places of rest, for holidays and vacations, and seasonal travel offers.

Traveling by steamship Colorado River

rescue desert

Enemy Indians were not the only danger for hundreds of miles southwest of the desert country in the late 1800s. No, you were also snakes rattlesnakes, robbers and several disgruntled Mexicans who are looking vulnerable early days of settlers crossing the barren desert. In this parched country has some spots, which can not see the rain, in some places not even won a cactus. Here and dry!

But there is a lifeline called the Colorado River. Thus, as a man uses it as a reference to it in order to survive? Can he? Should he? And at what price? For the first pioneers and entrepreneurs no problem not without consideration. A man's life was evaluated in accordance with the needs. During this time, a good mule was worth more than a man. It was always a factor in the decisions taken. And in one area for a while, hoping camel cost even more, but I'm a little ahead of the story.

Now we all know that Arizona is no way out, is not it? But what if it was not? In fact, between San Francisco and south-western desert existed a water connection for fifty years. It really is. And anyway, it was much less dangerous than the severe hike in the mountains to the west at the time.

In the period from 1853 to 1908 in the parish of Yuma, Arizona, about 120 miles above the mouth of the Colorado River steamers were at the stern. Price $ 500 per tonne to deliver supplies from the land of San Francisco, was too much for a small military station, so these boats with a shallow bottom were the answer, but not without a great deal of determination, faith, and capital investments. Steamboats on the Colorado River, scored less than three feet of water could pass through many sand bars and transport tools, equipment, dry goods, mining equipment and milling equipment to settlements along the river. On the river the price per ton was $ 75, which is much more accessible to immigrants and military forts, and is still beneficial to the shipping company. Downstream were gold, silver, copper and lead, as well as skins, wool and leather in the season.

As it turned out, the early Indian tribes, especially the kakapo, soon realized that they could get the job done along the river, providing wood for fuel for boats, and eventually even become pilots.

One of the advantages karmahodav was that, faced with a shallow sand, they could turn around and actually chew on the road through the obstacle. Imagine that!

In January 1858 search steamship boat over Yumay went about 450 miles from the mouth of the Colorado, before you should turn around, mainly because of a lack of reserves. How interesting it was to be. To gather in the area in such a way like never before. This first trip proved the feasibility of traveling on the river – and given that it happened during the low waters, made it even more beautiful.

Upon returning, they passed today Erenberga, Arizona (but at that time the western territory of New Mexico), they were surprised when they collided with a caravan of camels, painted on the ridge above, before attempting to cross the river. River boat eventually transported stocks, while the camels could swim quite easily without heavy packs. Camels have an army experiment to find the best way to navigate the barren countryside.

While the United States during the War of 1860 fought a war in the east, war in this part of the United States was on the river, and two freight companies struggled to carry many tons of cargo unloaded at the mouth of the river waiting for the delivery upstream. New customers became Brigham Young, who led the negotiations on the supply of Mormons in Utah. As a result, the thrust made by Calvillo, about 600 miles above sea Karteskim. Until the end of the 1870s were busy and profitable, and a lot of passengers who traded, carried with the passengers.

Installation of the railway in the area around 1879 sur & # 39; ozna limited deal with Inland freight water transport. The other two boats with flat bottoms were removed, and the remaining two in the main abuts the upper Colorado. Georgia is still going to Fort Mokhov, who was along the river to the north of the point where it joins Arizona, Nevada and California.

Ironically, in May, 1883, at today's needles, California Railroad could cross the river wide 1600, using one of the two remaining ships to put the necessary pillars for its bridge. This is the same railway line, which is derived from the river trade. Certain companies with boats was not too upset when the river flow in 1884 at a time eroded the bridge.

Noting as steamship navigation company in the Colorado River operated as many as five ships and five barges in the heyday of steamship business, Yuma Sentinel editor of the magazine wrote: "How are the mighty fallen almost to zero … Water transport can never compete with the railways." .

In January 1900 the most majestic of the ships length 149.5 feet and a double-flue dymachkami, Mohave 2, crashed into the Jaeger & Slough, where the captain and left her mouth rot, less than -shchaslivy end to this grand workhorse. It has become a monument of human intrusion into a new complex area and step symbol on taming the west. Of course, the end of the grandest days of travel for hundreds of miles along the wild west wild river during domestication.

Ron Kelly (2/12)

Adventure travel in South Carolina

British traveler Claire thought she could improve their adventure holidays, zaplanavavshy it with a man who lived in its target area. In previous trips Claire or collaborate with local tour company, or upon arrival, she hired a local guide. For a trip to South Carolina in the United States, she tried something else. Through it has established contact with the fellow countrymen who live in Charleston, South Carolina.

With their help, she decided to fly to the last week Charlestonskaga Spoleto Festival, and one of the expats, with whom she sought, offered to direct it while relaxing in Charleston. It also invited Claire to disperse a trip to experience the "City Chuck" (Charleston) on the front and back ends of their vacation by renting a car for a trip upstairs to get to the Peach Carolina, fresh harvest.

Spoleto Festival Carolinians considered as the beginning of the tourist season, and although many events are directly related to the eponymous Italian celebration, the festival is a party long and well. For the well-heeled Charleston Spoleto offers opera, n & # 39; Shakespeare's plays and lush balls. For Claire Jazz Festival under the open sky, dirty dancing in the streets and fireworks aroused interest in the American entertainment in the pub-style. She booked flights from "Eer Lingus" after she learned that she can sleep in one of the flights, mainly engaged revelers engaged in Spoleto. As she had hoped, the group adopted it during the flight, welcoming her to join them in order to survive as much as possible the events in Charleston.

Claire slept little in the early days of Spoleto. She enjoyed a sumptuous dinner in front of a street party every night, and then going on the main event and a salute. The next day, on the south American breakfast with lots of coffee in a wheelchair Claire went to the ancient city of Charleston, and she went on a boat in Fort Samter in the harbor. Claire fell asleep every time she could "recharge their batteries", not wanting to miss anything. During sleep on the boat, which returned from Fort Samtera her sleepy head spread to the shoulder of the British Navy officer who also went to Charleston on a flight "Eer Lingus".

He gallantly did not wake her until the boat is not prychalilasya. Seeing Clare coffee, he invited her to join him for trips to the visiting British warships at the naval base in Charleston. At lunch on board the ship with the officers and their wives Claire mentioned his plan to peach, and they too took up that! Two days later, they threw her into a convoy of four cars, when a pair of Navy Britain went to "trip of employees" to the mountain battlefield King in the northern part of the state to pay their respects to Major Patrick Ferguson and his men, the British losses in the American Revolutionary War.

But, for Claire, they stop in the peach garden in York set the stage for the top of her holiday. There's Claire for the first time in my life took a big bite into a dead ripe peach peach. Incredibly sweet juice exploded in her mouth! It splattered on the cheeks, chin and spilled on the dress! Surrounded by shouts and laughter of his new acquaintances, Claire survived the time signature in his last adventure travel. # TAG1writer

Best pictures in Bisbee, Arizona

Bisbee has become a haven for artists and retirees, which was one of the best places in Arizona for tourism. Once it was a thriving mining town, full of life and vigor, which typify the old west. there is a small cubbyhole that tells us about the glorious days of "rough and tough old West" in the town and surrounding area.

Bisbee, moody mining town of southern Arizona, provides tours of the historic mine at one of the original mountain trains. Unlike most mines, caves and caverns photos allowed inside the mine. You will be able to capture the appearance of what was supposed to be in hiding in those days, at that time, which was more than a hundred years ago without our modern conveniences.

Coronado caves or cave of Jerome, as some of the natives like to call it – is another place in the Bisbee area for spectacular photographic adventures. This underground network of tunnels and caves stretches for kilometers under the Arizona desert. They offer a variety of daily tours, which will be in awe of you, you would not believe.

Conservatory for birds Southeast Arizona is also a great place to shoot. SABO was established in 1996 to address the increasing demand for educational activities, ecotourism and environmental studies on public and private lands Southeast Arizona. They have some really lovely walks with birds, guided tours and educational workshops. You are almost guaranteed to take home shooting the most beautiful species of birds that may be offered America; many of which are currently included in the list of endangered species. If you like to take pictures of animals, it is a short trip from Bisbee to the Museum of the desert wildlife Sanorana; Here you can get acquainted with the wildlife, flora and fauna that can offer Arizona.

Walking the streets of Bisbee, Arizona, you can easily imagine yourself a part of what used to be like the cowboy or the old miner. The town is filled with old southwest cowboy charm, and is said to have several ghosts haunt the area. You can make excursions or descended on the mountains. Wildlife and natural wonders around you just waiting for the shutter clicks. Stay for something like building a solid and the memory of their time here is not to be a daunting task. Hiking in the surrounding country can allow you to get infinite possibilities to take memories of the trip to Bisbee.